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When planning your wedding it is completely up to you to decide the season and time for your big day. Once you have made up your mind, it is important to figure out the correct attire for your wedding to let your guests know. Although this day is (let’s be real) all about you, it is usually a big day for the guests and an excuse to dress up and look their best as well. Although this step may be looked over, it is important to clearly express a dress code to keep with the tone of the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.  If you’re having trouble deciding on what to wear and when to wear it, here is your guide to everything wedding attire!


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Casual attire is a great option and usually easier for guests to plan outfits around, but the word “casual” could be vague or slightly confusing to some guests. For women, casual style includes a summer sundress or a nice skirt and top. You can wear anything from casual heels to wedges or flat sandals. Men should wear dress pants with a polo shirt or a button down. If it is going to be hot outside, it is perfectly acceptable to roll the sleeves of the button down or wear a light blazer or sport coat if the weather will be on the chilly side.

Cocktail or Semi-Formal

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This style can also be difficult when determining where to draw the line between casual and dressy. For women, this includes a dressy cocktail dress, usually on the shorter side; many long dresses will tend to be formal rather than semi-formal. A dressy pants suit or jumpsuit is also acceptable. For men, you should wear a suit and tie or sports coat.

Black Tie 

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When dressing for a formal, black tie occasion, women are highly encouraged to wear a long, formal gown. Men should wear a tuxedo or a nice suit. This style is usually for a nighttime wedding and provides a fun excuse to get dressed up in your best attire. This is my favorite style because it gives us the chance to wear those super nice clothes that have been sitting in our closets for who knows how long!?

Beach Formal

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This style could be a little confusing due to the fact that the beach is associated with the most casual attire of them all. Women should wear a long beach dress or sundress, usually flowy with light pastel colors while men should wear a light summer suit or linen shirt. It can also be decided if you would like the guests to wear shoes or not, but of course, that is up to your discretion!

Themed Wedding

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If you are planning a themed wedding, it is even more important to be super specific about attire you would like guests to wear. Be clear about wanting the guests to participate in the theme so the day ends up the way you want it to If done right, themed weddings can be so fun!

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