Photo by Photographer Rebekah Neubauer

There’s just something so charming and elegant about a winter wedding. There are so many ways to make a winter wedding unique as you can add different decor and use certain colors you might not be able to use in warmer temperatures. With the right details, your winter wedding will be one to remember for you and your guests!

Here are eight things to consider adding to your winter wedding…

Fur and Shawls 

Wearing faux fur and shawls is one of the most popular ways for the bridal party to include a touch of winter attire. It gives off a cozy aesthetic and will keep the bridal party warm. Not only do they look amazing, but they make for stunning winter wedding photos. 

Photo by Photographer Angie Wilson

Hot Cocoa/Coffee Bar 

Your guests will absolutely love having a hot cocoa and coffee bar to grab a drink and warm up! Add all the flavoring, cream, sugar, and marshmallows to leave your guests coming back for more. Use this as a unique spin on a regular bar if you’re wanting something adult and kid friendly! 

Photo by Tomkat Studio

Cozy Blankets 

Make your ceremony and reception the coziest ever by adding blankets and knits to tables, chairs, and even using them as wedding favors. Guests will love this because it isn’t your typical wedding decor and will make your wedding so unique and intimate. Try adding signs or tags that say, “Bundle Up,” or “Snug as a Bug” to allow your guests to use them or take home. 

Photo by Photographer Lindsay Hackney 

Soft Winter Color Palette 

When choosing a winter color palette, try going for soft shades of ice blue, silver, grey, or white. These colors will look flawless for a winter wedding and will be so easy to find decor, bridesmaids dresses, and tuxedos within this color palette. If you’re going for an icy, sleek look, think no further! 

Photo by Photographer Rebekah Neubauer

Bold Winter Color Palette 

On the contrary, using a bold color palette can be just as beautiful. Try opting for burgundy, navy, emerald green, or gold for some pop of color. It’s so easy to incorporate a bold color in your palette with flowers, dresses, and ties and this look is exceptionally well for weddings so close to Christmas. Having a dark color always screams winter wedding and looks amazing! 

Photo from Dresses Time 


Try incorporating seasonal evergreen into your flower arrangements. This will add some simplicity and uniqueness to typical wedding flower arrangements. Not only will your flower arrangements look amazing, but they will smell like winter and remind your guests of a fun holiday scent. 

Photo by Photographer Annemarie Swift

Warm Bridesmaid PJ’s 

Instead of the typical silky robe, gift your bridesmaids with matching PJ sets. PJ sets are fun, cute, and will keep your bridesmaids warm all day! These will definitely be a spin on the usual pre-wedding attire, but rest assured everyone will love how unique it is! 

Photo from SS Weddings 

Sequin Decor 

You can’t go wrong with a little extra sparkle in your wedding decor! Consider adding some sequined decor for an icy, wintery aesthetic that will make you and your guests feel like you’re walking into a winter wonderland! 

Photo by Photographer Charla Storey

I hope you will consider using one of the eight special winter wedding ideas to spice things up and bring your ceremony or reception to the next level. The possibilities are endless to give you the coziest wedding of the season! 

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