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One of the most important parts of planning your big day is the color scheme. Picking out the perfect array of colors can compliment and set the tone for the entire wedding day. The colors can also be a part of picking out bridesmaids dresses, flowers, table settings, as well as any other eye catching parts of your wedding. If you’re stuck on picking out the perfect color scheme for your big day, don’t worry because below are some unique and trendy color schemes to keep you, your groom, and your guests happy on your special day!


Girly: Blush Pink and Grey

Simple yet sweet. You can’t go wrong with a pink and grey color scheme. Using pink as your prominent color, you can accent your wedding with touches of ivory and bits of greens throughout. Grey is the perfect compliment for pink, and these colors together are sure to shine at your wedding. Have your bridesmaids dress in a blush pink, and incorporate shades of ivory and greens throughout your flowers. Decorate your venue in different hues of grey with hints of pink dressed throughout your table placements. No matter how you design your wedding, a girly color scheme will look amazing on your special day.

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Springtime: Lavender with Hints of Yellow and Orange

With spring around the corner, planning out colors for a spring wedding can be fun and refreshing with a variety of vibrant colors to compliment the venue, flowers, and your wedding party. Bridesmaids could wear lavender dresses, and you could incorporate honey yellow and sunset orange colors throughout the venue. This color scheme is sure to be stunning and create a charming and lively atmosphere for your guests.

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Southern Charm: Navy, Dusty Blue, and Hints of Yellow

Sticking to your Southern roots on your wedding day can easily be reflected through the colors you choose. Have fun and celebrate your Southern background with navy, dusty blue, and yellow. These colors go perfectly together in order to create a classic Southern wedding feeling, especially when you have your wedding in Athens, Ga. Dress your bridesmaids in either navy or dusty blue and incorporate sunflowers for a tasteful color combination. 

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Ocean Vibes: Hues of Blue and Green with Pink or Orange Accents

Even if your wedding isn’t near the beach, that doesn’t mean you can’t bring the feeling of the ocean breeze straight to your wedding venue, even here in Athens, Ga. With splashes of blues and hints of greens, creating a cool and calm feeling is easy with this color scheme. You can even draw in some pops of pink or orange to add some flare, especially when picking out your flowers. This color scheme has so much of a variety and endless possibilities!

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Classy: Neutral Hues with Earthy Greens

If you’re looking for a more chic and natural look for your wedding, going neutral could be the right choice for you. With hues of earthy taupes and deep browns, this color combination can create a simplistic yet classic tone for your special day. Dress your bridesmaids in forest green or taupe, and accent your venue with tasteful greenery. You can also add bits of ivory to lighten up the venue and create a charming atmosphere for your guests!

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Edgy: Dark Greys with Hints of Black

Make your wedding stand out with darker colors such as grey and black! If you’re looking to make your special day unique, this color scheme is perfect for you. The possibilities are endless with this theme. You can use silver along with grey, or even add some gold if you’re leaning more towards black. You can also keep your flowers as simple as ivory or white, but adding pops of color could also accent this theme perfectly. The choice is up to you! 

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Sweet and Charming: Orange, Pink, and White

Lastly, another amazing color scheme is orange and pink with white accents. Pink and orange look incredible together, and with an array of different shades, you can play around with what best suits your preferences. Bridesmaids could wear light pink or orange, and your flowers could include orange marigolds and pink roses. This is a super fun and vibrant theme for a spring wedding!

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Hopefully this list of color schemes for your spring wedding gave you an idea for picking out your color pallet, but while you’re here, be sure to check out other posts related to venues, vendors, and more for your Athens wedding needs at weddingsinathens.com!


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