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Choosing what to get your bridesmaids can be tough. Your bridesmaids are such a special part of your wedding so it’s important to find them the perfect gift. You don’t want to get your bridesmaids just any gift, but something they’ll be able to use after the wedding. Below is a list of the top 10 best gifts to give your bridesmaids. 

Yeti Cup

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A yeti cup, or really any type of thermo cup, is the perfect gift. Yeti cups allow you to keep any drink either hot or cold for hours, making them the perfect cup choice for places like the beach. You can also customize your yeti gift for your bridesmaids with something like their initials. 

Wine Glass

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If your bridesmaids are big wine drinkers, a wine glass is a great gift to give. Like a yeti cup, you could personalize your bridesmaids wine glass to make them unique. If you want to be a bit fancy, they also have thermo wine glasses that you could gift to your bridesmaids. Along with a wine glass, you could also gift your bridesmaids a nice bottle of wine to show just how much you truly appreciate them.

Matching Jewelry

A thoughtful gift to give your bridesmaids would be a matching piece of jewelry such as a bracelet or necklace. Your bridesmaids would be able to wear it in the future and would always remember their time as a bridesmaid when wearing it.

Gift Card

If you are worried about picking something special for your bridesmaids, giving a gift card is the perfect way to go. You can give your bridesmaids a gift card to their favorite store and not have to worry about giving them something they won’t like or use in the future.

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Phone Case

Phone cases are extremely helpful for protecting one’s phone and if you gifted your bridesmaids one they would be sure to use it. You could even customize the phone case with their initials or with the word “bridesmaid” on it to make it even more special.

Spa Kit

Giving a spa kit is a great way to treat your bridesmaids. You could make your spa kit with items such as bath bombs, lotions, face masks, or customize each spa kit for each bridesmaid. A spa kit would come in handy for your bridesmaids after a stressful day or if they are just in the mood to relax.

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Tote Bag

A cute tote bag with your bridesmaids initials or the word “bridesmaid” on it would be a perfect gift. Additionally, you could include other goodies within your tote bag gift to make the present even more special.

Picture Frame

Gifting a picture frame with a photo of you and your bridesmaid or a group picture with all of your bridesmaids is a thoughtful gift that your bridesmaids would cherish forever.

Customized Flask

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If your bridesmaids drink alcohol, a flask would be a fun gift to give them. They would be able to use it in the future and you could customize the outside of it to make it unique to each bridesmaid.

Customized Beach Towel

A personalized beach towel is a fun gift to give your bridesmaids, especially if you’re going on a destination bachelorette trip to somewhere warm. They would also be able to use the towel in the future.

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