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The bachelorette trip is one of the best times for a bride to spend time with her closest friends before she gets married. Athens, Georgia is one of the best places to have a bachelorette weekend due to its southern charm and wide variety of activities. If you’re a UGA alum or even just a bride wanting to visit the classic city, Athens has something fun to offer for people of all ages. Below is a list of five activities that will make your bachelorette weekend one to remember:

Visit a Brewery

Photo by Creature Comforts Brewery

Athens not only has one brewery, but two! One popular brewery in Athens is Creature Comforts. Creature Comforts is a popular brewery that is located in downtown Athens. When visiting Creature Comforts, you can visit the tasting room, where you can try signature Creature Comfort beers. Creature Comforts also offers tours where you and your friends can see the behind the scenes of how the brewing company works. Creature Comforts Brewing Co. is a fun atmosphere and would be the perfect place to hang out on your bachelorette trip.

Another popular brewing company is Terrapin. Unlike Creature Comforts Brewing, Terrapin is located outside of downtown Athens, however, it is worth the short drive. Terrapin Brewing Co. is located on a large field, making it the perfect brewery to visit during warm weather. On the field, there are large picnic tables where guests can converse and drink  as well as cornhole tables that can be played with friends. Like Creature Comforts, Terrapin also offers brewery tours that allow you to see the behind the scenes of the brewery. One feature that makes Terrapin stand out is their Terrapin taster deal. For only $12, guests can receive a Terrapin souvenir cup and get up to six cups of 6oz sample pour of any beer on draft. 

Visit the Nightlife in Athens

Photo by Allgood Lounge

Since Athens is a college town, there are numerous bars to hang out at. Though a majority of the bars in Athens are full of college kids, there are a few gems that only locals of Athens know about and would be perfect to visit on a bachelorette weekend. One popular bar is Walkers, which is half bar half coffee shop. Walkers offers a cozy atmosphere for guests and is the perfect location to hang out with friends. 

Above Walkers is a second bar called Blue Sky. Blue Sky is a rooftop bar that is half outside and half inside. Blue Sky offers over 300 craft beers and over 100 different scotches. Walkers also offers unique mixed drinks with beverages you wouldn’t be able to find anywhere else.

A final bar that would be perfect for a bachelorette weekend is Allgood Lounge. Allgood Lounge is also located in downtown Athens and offers full service bars on two different floors as well as an outdoor tiki lounge. Allgood Lounge also has a mixed drink menu that is affordable for guests. If you and your friends are looking to day drink, Allgood Lounge offers a build-your-own bloody mary bar from noon to 9pm everyday of the week.

Go Axe Throwing

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If you and your friends are looking for a more physical activity to do on your bachelorette trip, LumberJaxe is the perfect place to go. LumberJaxe is an axe throwing bar located in downtown Athens. LumberJaxe mixes drinking with axe throwing, making a visit to LumberJaxe isone to remember. At LumberJaxe, guests are taught how to throw an axe at a target. LumberJaxe is only $25+tax per person for one hour and $39+tax per person for two hours, making the experience fairly affordable. Going to LumberJaxe with your bachelorette party would be a memorable experience that you and your friends would never forget.

Visit Urban Sanctuary Spa

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If you and your friends are looking for a more relaxing activity, the Urban Sanctuary Spa is the perfect place to visit. Urban Sanctuary Spa describes themselves as a “boutique day spa with the elaborate service menu and beauty of a resort spa and the comfort and ease of home.” Urban Sanctuary Spa provides a variety of services including massages and facials. If you are looking for a more private day with your bachelorette party, Urban Sanctuary Spa offers spa parties for groups where you get to customize what services you want. If you choose to visit Urban Sanctuary Spa on your bachelorette trip, your bridesmaids will be sure to thank you. 

Visit the Georgia Theatre

Photo from Georgia Theatre

Georgia Theatre is a live music venue located in downtown Athens. Throughout the year,  the Georgia Theatre hosts a variety of shows that guests can see. If you plan your bachelorette party on a weekend that a show is happening, visiting the Georgia Theatre is a must. Besides having live shows, the Georgia Theatre also has a rooftop bar and a restaurant that has a beautiful view, making it the perfect place to take pictures with your friends.

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