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Planning the perfect wedding can cloud your mind with a thousand questions. You need to know who, what, and where you want your wedding to be, to ensure that fairy tale ending. It is perfectly normal to be a bit indecisive when working out the fine details. No matter how big or small, every detail counts. Every bride should enjoy the planning process with the least amount of stress possible. Look no further brides, Weddings Athens has you covered! 

Kids or No Kids?

One of the most common questions is whether or not to have children allowed. There is no right or wrong answer, but budget plays a big role. Pro: more people will be available to come celebrate; Con: little ones require a lot of supervision. If you decide to have children attend, be sure to include kid friendly meals into the reception. Either way, it is completely up to you and your groom, so discuss which decision best fits your special day! 

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Should There Be A Dress Code?

This is the part where smaller details come into play. Let’s get controversial and talk about dress code. Do not be afraid to include this on your invitations! It is a way to let your guests know the correct attire to match the theme you have chosen. The best way to go about this is putting in the lower right hand corner of your invitation of what is acceptable. You don’t need to go into major detail, just include if it’s semi-formal, cocktail, or casual attire and you are good to go! 

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Do I Need To Have Wedding Favors?

Another great question is whether or not to have wedding favors for your guests. If you decide to do this, you want it to be something unique that makes your wedding super memorable. Try to stray away from something that guests would leave behind. You do not want to end the night with the same amount of favors you started with. One can never go wrong with a customized candle or mason jar! This is something guests can take home and reuse, with special tribute to your night. Wedding favors are a creative way to say “ thank you for coming, it means a lot”. 

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Should I Hire A Videographer?

Yes, yes, and yes. A picture can say a thousand words, but a video captures everything. This is the day you have been dreaming of since you were a little girl, capture every moment! Hire within your budget, but it is definitely worth it to have a videographer. It will be something you and your groom, as well as family, can look back on and reminiscence. 

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Where Is The Perfect Place? 

The classic city of course! Athens, Georgia offers many beautiful places to tie the knot, with so much variety to choose from. Athens United Methodist Church is a beautiful and classic venue. It is perfect for an inside wedding and provides such an elegant atmosphere, with a lot of room for seating. For those wanting an outside venue, the Thompson House and Gardens is just a few minutes outside of Athens. This is an ideal spot for couples looking for a nature and rustic theme. Wherever you choose, you cannot go wrong with the classic city!

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Do I Even Need Bridesmaids and Grooms?

You do not need to be exact on the number of people in your party. It is perfectly normal to have uneven numbers, as well as mixing genders. You can also have more than one maid of honor if you please. Traditional weddings are cool and all, but there is no perfect guideline to follow. Do what makes you the most comfortable!

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Do We Allow Plus Ones? 

If your budget allows room for more, then yes! This will make it easier for newer couples to feel more comfortable at your wedding, by having someone at their side. The only downside is it will make planning a bit harder when it comes to the reception and seating arrangements. As long as they RSVP in decent time, then yes, you should allow plus ones. 

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Should I Hire A DJ Or Live Band?

Music gets people out on the dance floor and is a great time. Both a DJ and live band are fun, but a DJ is a lot safer. This allows for a wider variety of music to be played, and guests can request specific songs that a live band would not be able to play. Also, a DJ comes with party features like special lights to add to the atmosphere. 

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You’ve got this! Hopefully these common bridal question answers provide you with some clarity, and help take some of the stress away from planning. Always remember to choose what makes you ultimately the happiest! For further content related to wedding venues, vendors, and more, check out weddingsathens.com for more details!

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