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Maid of Honor Duties

Party Planner 

As the maid of honor, it is your job to help plan the bachelorette trip, the bridal shower, and any other festivities leading up to the special day! You should reach out to family members, bridesmaids, and vendors to plan the perfect parties for the bride. Make a budget and get to planning! 

Help Shop for the Essentials

As the maid of honor, you should go wedding dress shopping, bridesmaids dress shopping, and help shop for anything else the bride has plans for. As the bride’s maid of honor, she trusts your opinion and wants you there to share these memories with! You should offer your thoughts, when asked, while still being sensitive to her style and opinions!

Bride’s Right Hand Woman

It is your job to be the bride’s right hand woman throughout wedding planning but also on the big day! On the wedding day, you should do anything and everything to keep her calm, cool and collected. Keep up with the time, get her food and a glass of champagne, hold her flowers, and dance with her! 

Bridesmaid Mom

As the maid of honor, you should be corresponding with the bridesmaids to keep them in the loop for the bride! Let them know about any parties or showers and provide them with any information they need for the wedding day. By communicating with the bridesmaids and answering any of their questions, this will help the bride be less stressed! 

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Bridesmaid Duties

Assist the Maid of Honor 

As a bridesmaid, you should assist the maid of honor throughout the planning process! You should help her plan the bachelorette party and any showers she may be in charge of. Oftentimes, the maid of honor may not need your help every step of the way, but it’s always nice to reach out and ask or help pay for these events!

Be an Assistant Shopper

As a bridesmaid, you should go to the fitting and help pick out bridesmaids dresses. If asked, you should give supportive, yet sensitive feedback of what you like. You should also be prepared to pay for your own dress, accessories, and shoes with no complaining! 

Listen to the Bride

The bride chose you to stand next to her on her big day. Oftentimes, wedding planning can be stressful, when it should be fun and stress-free. Throughout the planning process and the wedding day, she may just want someone to listen! As a bridesmaid, you should periodically call her, whether you are just listening to her talk or asking if she needs help with anything.

Be Photo-Ready, Always 

Whether you’re on the bachelorette trip or taking photos on the wedding day, the bride will want to capture every moment. You should be prepared to take tons of photos, without complaining!

Be the Life of the Party 

As a bridesmaid, you should make the wedding and reception fun for everyone, especially the bride. You should dance with her, dance with guests, be involved, and don’t leave early! 

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