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As special as your wedding day is, it is always sad to not have everyone in attendance that has meant so much to you. However, there are many ways to incorporate ways for those friends and family members who have passed on to be honored. Read this blog post to incorporate special ways to honor lost loved ones that meant so much to you!

Reserve a Seat at the Ceremony 

Honor your lost loved ones by placing a photograph, symbolic item, or a personal item of the individual who passed. This will truly allow these individuals to be honored and to recognize their meaning to you! 

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Display Photos of Lost Loved One’s

A unique way to incorporate your lost loved ones is to display photos in an area or on a table at the reception. This will allow guests to see the memories that you held, shared and the impact these individuals made on your life! 

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Include a Family Recipe

If your family has any recipes that have been passed down from those who have passed, this is a great way to honor them! Whether it be a sweet treat that can be added to the dessert menu or an appetizer for cocktail hour, this is a perfect way to incorporate ones who have passed. 

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Light Candles in their Honor

Another way to honor loved ones who have passed is to light candles in their honor. This can be done during the ceremony or on a table at the reception. This would be a great add-on if you choose to honor individuals through a display photo table! 

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Incorporate Family Heirlooms or Memorabilia

A very special way to honor loved ones is to wear or help decorate your day with heirlooms or memorabilia. A few examples of ways to do this would be by wearing jewelry of someone special, attaching photographs or a special item to your bouquet, or even incorporating their favorite flowers for your day! 

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Although special people in your life may have passed, there are many ways to honor those loved ones at your wedding. Whether it be a simple photograph or wearing a significant piece to honor them, it is great to have a little piece of memorabilia to think of them! 

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