Photography by Erin McGinn

A tradition that has carried on for ages is the grand finale send-off of the couple after the wedding. This is the final goodbye to your guests and the perfect opportunity for a photo-op that you can have as a memory forever! While planning your wedding, the exit for your wedding is definitely something you should plan, as you want it to go perfectly, and to also ensure that the venue approves your idea. 

Love Boat on the Water

One of the more romantic and picturesque ways to exit a wedding is by boat. If your venue is on the water that has boat accessibility, this is a perfect way to exit! If you don’t own a boat, there are vendors and companies who allow you to rent out a boat for your special exit. 

Photography by Erin McGinn

Flower Petals or Confetti

Another picturesque way to exit is by guests throwing flower petals or popping confetti! This is a great way of having one last celebration photograph and to truly feel celebrated by your guests. Before choosing this exit, make sure this exit is approved by your venue, as it can sometimes leave a bit of remnants! 

Photography by Assemblage

A Sparkler Filled Exit

A sparkler exit is definitely one of the best photo-op exits! This always makes a setting look glam and romantic. If you choose a sparkler exit, make sure you approve it with your venue. Also, you’ll want to buy sparklers that are specifically made for weddings, as they will be longer and will last longer for photos! 

Photography by Jessa Schifilliti

Balloon Release

A balloon release is a cheap exit that provides a beautiful photo-op! You can use a large amount of white balloons or even your choice of color to match the theme of your wedding. This option is great if your venue is strict with what they allow for wedding exits, as there is no clean up necessary! 

Photography by Engelbert Romero

Leaving in a Vintage Car

If you’re wanting a classic exit, a vintage looking car is a great way to go! If you don’t have a car to use, there are usually car rental companies or wedding vendors that you can rent from for your exit. 

Photography by Blane Marable

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