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Wedding planning can oftentimes be stressful due to how much things cost. Instead of stressing out about the price of everything, find ways to cut expenses, without settling for less than a perfect day! This blog will include help tips + tricks of how to save money easily while wedding planning! 

Use your Florals More than Once

A great way to save money is by using your flowers and bridesmaids bouquets to help decorate at the reception! This will save money for decorations and additional flowers for the reception. Make sure you ask your bridesmaids to bring their flowers directly to the reception or have your wedding coordinator plan this in advance!  

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Consider Other Days of the Week

Usually venues are way cheaper on days other than Saturday. A lot of people tend to book on Fridays or Sundays to save money on their venue. If this is something you would consider, you could save thousands! 

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Find your Dress Early 

By finding and paying for your wedding dress early, you won’t have to worry about any rush fees or last-minute alterations prices! You may even luck out and find a sale going on if you plan in advance. 

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Use Candles in Exchange of Flowers

As most know, a florist and flowers for your wedding can add up quickly. Instead of using flowers on every table, try decorating with candles instead! This could save hundreds of dollars, while still looking beautiful and classy! 

Photography by Meiwen Wang

Make the Most of Your Photographer’s Time

Look into booking your photographer for 10 hours instead of a full day! If you plan out the itinerary for the day of your wedding, this will ensure that the photographer will get all of the photos you want, while paying way less!

Photography by The Happy Bloom

Although weddings have the tendency to be rather expensive, there are many ways that you can save and still have the perfect day! When wedding planning, use some of these tips to save hundreds or maybe even thousands. Your day will still be just as special and just as beautiful!

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