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Flowers are a crucial aspect of any wedding. Not only do they add pops of color to a venue, but they are a great way to help portray a particular wedding theme. Every season brings a variety of beautiful flowers. A wedding must have flowers that will not only align with its theme, but also be of season. Listed below are some of the best and most popular flowers based upon the different seasons:


Hydrangeas  With the season of summer, comes bright flowers. Hydrangeas are a classic summer flower ranging in a variety of elegant rich colors, most commonly seen in bouquets as either white or blue. Hydrangeas are terrific to incorporate in weddings as they can be paired with many other flowers.

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Gardenias Gardenias are a white and cream tinted flower that have a classic but elegant appearance. If desiring a simpler bouquet, gardenias are a great option. Additionally, gardenias would be an excellent choice for the bridesmaids and flower girl’s bouquets.

Gardenia Wedding Flowers
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Chrysanthemums  Chrysanthemums (mums) are a popular fall flower. They can provide a pop of soft purple color to a wedding bouquet or centerpiece for the reception. Mums are often paired with white roses or hydrangeas.

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Sunflowers Another fall flower is the classic sunflower. The sunflower could be a great centerpiece for an outdoors rustic wedding. Generally, sunflowers are associated with being a happy flower as they bring much joy to the eye. 

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Tulips Tulips are a great flower to incorporate into your wedding as they are known to symbolize love. Tulips come in a range of colors: purple, white, yellow, etc. Blooming in the winter and spring, tulips are undeniably going to help enhance any floral arrangement. 

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Roses Will you accept this rose? Roses are a timeless and elegant flower. Whether rose petals being thrown from the hands of a precious flower girl walking down the aisle, or carried by the bride, one can never go wrong with choosing roses. 

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Camellias  Camellias come in a wide variety of shapes and colors as there are around 250 species. However, white camellias often look best when paired with colors such as red, pink, or even purple. Similar to Tulips, these gorgeous flowers also symbolize love.

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Poinsettias Poinsettias are excellent for a wedding close to the holiday season. Not only are they recognized as a festive flower, they also have a wide variety of colors one can choose from. Their large size makes them a great statement floral for a centerpiece. 

Starry Nights Poinsettia Bouquet
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