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Not looking to dish out hundreds of dollars on a DJ and want to just keep things simple at your reception? Nowadays, we have thousands of playlists readily available to us at the touch of our fingers. So, why spend the extra money on live entertainment if you don’t have to? Here are 12 amazing, already made playlists that are sure to get your guests up and on the dance floor!

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  1. Top 500 Wedding Reception by djmiguel831 This playlist is over 6 hours long and has a lot of fun top hits!
  2. Wedding Reception 2020 by Martin Garlic Over 10,000 people have liked this playlist, so you know it’s good!
  3. Wedding Reception- Cocktails & Dinner by PMB Music This is perfect to play as background music while enjoying dinner and drinks. Then, once it’s time to start the party, switch to one of the other playlists!
  4. Wedding Party Starters by Ultimate Entertainment These fun and poppy songs are great to get people up and moving!
  5. The Perfect Wedding Reception Playlist by budgetsavvybride This playlist has over 7 hours of content ranging from artists such as The Weeknd to Whitney Houston! 
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Apple Music

  1. Party Starters by Apple Music Pop This playlist has all the pop classics from the past 10 years! There are some throwbacks that you probably forgot all about, as well as some of today’s top hits.
  2. Timeless Love Songs by Apple Music Oldies Looking to throw it way back to some of your favorite past love songs? This playlist has tons of classics that everyone is sure to sing along to!
  3. Relationship Goals by Apple Music Pop This one is sure to get you in your feels! Throw on this playlist for some sweet and romantic tunes.
  4. Happy Hour by Apple Music Country Not so into pop and want to stick with country music? This playlist is perfect for you! It has a good mix of slow and upbeat country classics to make your celebration amazing.
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  1. Best Party Songs- Great Wedding Dance Music by NewEraFM YouTube is a great platform to listen to free music on! This playlist has a lot of popular songs from 2020, and is updated frequently to include any new popular songs.
  2. Best Wedding Music Playlist: Old & New Wedding Songs by Medley.Charts This playlist has a good mix of old and new songs for all ages to enjoy!
  3. My Rustic Wedding Reception Playlist by Leanna Wainwright This playlist is full of fun country music that everyone is sure to sing along to!
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If none of these playlists are exactly what you were looking for, I encourage you to pull inspiration from some of them and make your own playlist! It is really easy and will allow you to dance the night away without having to think about what’s going to come on next. To make sure everyone gets to hear their favorite songs, allow guests to write down song suggestions and simply add them to the queue! I hope that these playlists make your guests put it all out on the dance floor! 

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