Due to religious, personal, or financial reasons, some people do not want alcohol served at their wedding. If that is you, you have come to the right place. 

If you choose not to serve alcohol at your wedding, it is normal for guests to be upset or voice their opinions to you and your significant other. Do not let it bother you and affect YOUR wedding day. This day is about you and not them. If you are worried about what your guests have to say, below are some simple solutions to having your guests talk about something other than alcohol. 

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Having a bottled drink station or bar is super fun and authentic for your wedding. This allows your guests to reminisce on their childhood. Pick out some of you and your significant other’s favorite bottled drinks that you used to drink as a kid.The key is variety. Allow your guests to pick from a wide range of bottled beverages. If you plan on having many kids at your wedding, having non-alcoholic bottled drinks lets them join in on the fun of getting to choose a bottled drink as well. 

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If you are from the South or are wanting a southern theme, pulling off a non-alcoholic wedding can be fairly simple. Most of your guests are probably sweet tea or lemonade fans, and you can always find drink dispensers that will go along with your theme.

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If you are concerned about your guests wanting to have something to drink as they are waiting for the bridal party to finish taking pictures, you can always serve virgin drinks. You can create your own signature beverage that best represents you and your significant other. You could have people submit guesses to what they think is in the beverage. Only the people who know you best will figure it out. 

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Having a coffee bar is a great alternative to an open bar. Your guests can go and make their coffee, and put as many or as little toppings in their coffee. You do need to make sure that you have all of the fun things that you could possibly put into coffee (creamer, marshmallows, whipped cream, etc).

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Make sure that your menu choice pairs well with the beverages being served. For example barbeque pairs well with sweet tea or lemonade, and a brunch menu pairs well with coffee and juices. When the meal matches the beverages, alcohol won’t be missed. Quality and thoughtful pairing of food and beverages are a must when pulling off a non-alcoholic wedding.

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You could also pick a wedding venue that doesn’t allow alcohol. That way if people ask you where the alcohol is, you can tell them that it wasn’t allowed. This is the simplest solution to pulling off a non-alcoholic wedding. 

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Having games and fun activities that entertain the guests will make your wedding one to remember. Rather than your guests awkwardly sitting down and waiting around, you could set up a polaroid photo booth, a game of cornhole, or have your guests fill out cards of wisdom for the newly married couple. This will have your guests talking about all of the well thought out ways you kept them interactive throughout the whole wedding. 

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