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There is no perfect answer to whether you should or shouldn’t have a flower girl or ring bearer at your wedding. If you desire to have both, then go for it. Always remember, it is your wedding and you are the one who makes these decisions. 

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History of the Flower Girl and Ring bearer

The flower girl in a wedding represents the bride as a young woman who was once young and innocent. The flower girl typically wears a white dress, like the bride, and this is a representation of purity. The flower girl also symbolizes motherhood, and the hopes that the couple will produce a family someday. She walks down the aisle dropping flower petals to represent fertility. On the bride’s wedding day, she is reminded of the young innocent girl she once was, and it is on this special day that she becomes a woman. 

The ring bearer does not have any specific symbolism, but he is the one who walks down the aisle carrying the rings that symbolize the unity of the bride and groom and their commitment to one another. 

Who to Choose to be your Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

The flower girl and ring bearer are young children who are special to the bride and groom. For some people, that would include family members, but for other people it could be your friend’s kid. In order to make your wedding day special, choose children that have a special place in both of your hearts. 

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Alternatives for Not Having a Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

Some people don’t want or don’t have any young, close friends or family members that they would want to fill this role. That is completely okay! Some people choose to have an adult only wedding, without any kids present. There is nothing wrong with not having the traditional flower girl and ring bearer. Listed below are some alternatives for if you decide not to have the traditional flower girl and ring bearer at your wedding. 

Invite your grandparents to play a larger role in your wedding

Inviting your grandparents to walk down the aisle, during the ceremony is so special. Your grandfather could fill the role as your ring bearer, and your grandmother could be your flower girl.

Include your pets in your wedding 

If you absolutely want your pet to be in your wedding, then having them be the flower girl and ring bearer is a great option as well. Make sure that they are either well trained, or they have someone guiding them down the aisle. 

Place flower petals beforehand

When you are decorating for your wedding, you can go ahead and place flower petals down the aisle so that there is no need for you to have a flower girl. 

Put your best man in charge of the rings

The best man in a wedding already has a huge role as he is very important to the groom. Allowing him the responsibility of being in charge of the rings is also a way for you to show him how much you value him.

Photo by Blane Marable

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