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Your wedding day is extremely special when you have the love and support of your dearest best friends as you begin a new and exciting chapter of your life. These girls have spent countless hours encouraging you through various wedding plans and helping you pick out the perfect dress. Whether taking pictures, getting hair and makeup done, enjoying a cocktail or two, there are many fun ways to continue the festivities with your bridesmaids on your special day

Purchase Matching Bathrobes

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Photos by Blane Marable

Getting ready together while dressed in matching attire is a fun way to incorporate all your bridesmaids into the pre-wedding celebration. One may opt for matching bathrobes amongst all the bridesmaids, with the soon to be bride in a white robe. Make your bridesmaids feel even more loved by adding a personal touch with monograms on everyone’s robes. If not wanting to go with the traditional robe, one could decide to purchase matching button-down t-shirts. The style of such shirts would allow for one to easily take off the piece of clothing before putting on their dress without messing up any hair or makeup. Additionally, either a fun bathrobe or button-down shirt makes for a great thank you gift from the bride to her bridesmaids.

Get Hair and Makeup Done Together

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