When you begin to plan your wedding, you have to start from the basics. What colors? What theme? Where? You know, all the normal questions you start asking. When deciding on the answer to these questions, you want to make sure that the mood of the wedding is consistent. For example, if you want a summer wedding, decorations and color scheme should coordinate with season. Vice versa, if you want a winter wedding, you do not want to use a pastel color scheme because that wouldn’t make sense with the time of year. A good way to make sure you are staying consistent and on the right track with your decisions is to create a mood/inspiration board for your wedding. 

Created by Emma Jones on SampleBoard

A mood board is a collage of various photos that all relate to a central theme. Mood boards are commonly used within the fashion and design industry to keep everyone on track for the same design goal. When it comes down to planning, designing your wedding, your own mood board can be extremely helpful. You don’t have to be a professional in Photoshop to create the board. There are many ways you can successfully layout a theme for your wedding!

If you want to simply create a digital mood board, all you need is a Pinterest board and PicsArt application (or Photoshop/any photo editor application). On Pinterest, you should compile a board of photos that have similar color scheme, mood, and vibe. If your wedding is going to be outdoors, then make sure to add photos of outdoors and wedding decoration ideas that could be useful. Add different inspirational, fun quotes to the mix that also go along with the color scheme. A good way to find photos that fit what you have in mind is to search things like “white aesthetic” or “outdoor white aesthetic.” Whatever you think would describe what you have in mind and then add aesthetic behind it. It makes Pinterest show you prettier, better photos for you to add. 

Moodboard from Carmela Weddings

Once you have your Pinterest board, you could leave it like that if you want! However, I find mood boards especially helpful when it is collectively together somehow. I use Photoshop or PicsArt apps to create cohesive boards. PicsArt is the easiest when it comes to beginners. Once you download the app, you can create a new canvas. You then add photos and place the photos you saved from Pinterest and arrange them how you want. Once you create it how you would like, you can save it and print it out! 

The classic way to create a mood board would be to print out all your photos you want. Print the photos you have pinned in your Pinterest board. Then you would buy a poster board and glue those photos onto the board. This way you can visually see what you are doing and manually place your photos onto the board– the good ole fashion way! 

In the long run of wedding planning, this task can help how you vision your wedding and keep you, your planner, helpers and your spouse on the same page. You don’t want an incohesive wedding! Start planning now by simply gathering inspiration. 

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