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In times of the pandemic, it feels as though what was once planned was canceled or postponed indefinitely, and planning life as we knew it, became impossible as the future became unpredictable. For those planning their wedding for this year, it was extremely frustrating as all the time and effort put into planning post-engagement felt like it was for nothing. However, there are ways that couples have adapted to give them the best possible wedding – despite the times we live in.

Safety First

Obviously, everyone knows that standing 6-feet apart, wearing a mask, and constantly using hand sanitizer is now a constant part of the daily routine. Further, being in large crowds over 10 people is not recommended. In order to keep you and your guests safe here are a few cute ideas

  1. Prepare “safety gifts” for those attending your wedding. Include a custom wedding mask and hand sanitizer. Here’s a good option!
  2. Limit your guests in attendance to bridesmaids, groomsmen, and close family and friends
  3. Provide different colored wristbands to determine your guests’ comfort level.

Intimate Outdoor Venue

This way there will always be fresh, uncontaminated air and more space for guests to socially distance. The State Botanical Gardens of Georgia, Beautiful Beginnings Farm, and the Atrium are all great options in the Athens Area.

Livestream Your Wedding

If you live stream your wedding, everyone who originally wanted to be present at the wedding – will be able to see it all!

Decide to Elope Instead

Limit your wedding to 10 people or under, in order to keep the event safe yet intimate.

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