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Having a wedding cake at the wedding reception is something that people have done for centuries. The tradition is to have a cake displayed for your guests to gather around and watch as the bride and groom cut the cake together. The couple cuts the first piece together and oftentimes, the cake is smeared on the other’s face.  Besides the fun of this, this presentation ultimately represents the commitment and unity of the bride and groom. 

The average price for a wedding cake is around $125 to over $1,000, and if you are trying to be cost effective then you may want to consider choosing something other than a traditional wedding cake. Another tradition to consider is that people save the top layer of the cake and put it in their freezer so that they can eat it on their one year anniversary.  This has been known as a symbol of good luck. Like many things when it comes to your wedding, you can stick to the traditional wedding cake or you can also consider the alternatives. Located below are some options that you may or might not have considered.  

Wedding Cake Alternatives


Breakfast foods for a reception is a great idea because most people love breakfast and it is very cost efficient. You can have a small cake for you and your husband and then provide the guests with donuts. 

Pancakes and Waffles

You can transform a stack of pancakes or waffles into a breakfast cake and you and your significant other can pour the syrup together as a representation of uniting together as one. 


If you and your significant other are big cheesecake lovers, cheesecake is a good alternative to a traditional wedding cake.  


Decor may be something to consider at your reception. Having macaroons is an easy way to incorporate your decor into the desserts you will be serving. You can easily add in some flower petals or bows inta a macaron tower.  

Cake Pops

Cake Pops are a fun way to make your wedding dessert match the theme of your wedding.  You can easily make the cake pops any color to coordinate with the rest of your decorations at your wedding.  If you are planning on having a good amount of children at your wedding, cake pops are also kid friendly. Parents would probably rather their kid have a small cake pop then a whole piece of cake.  

 Photo by Blane Marable 


A lifesize cupcake tree filled with a variety of cupcake flavors will not only add to your wedding decor, but your guests will love being able to come and go from the tree and decide on their favorite flavor. 

Other Fan Favorites

Other options to serve at your reception are brownies, pies, churros, etc. When you are deciding on a dessert to have at your reception, I would recommend consulting with your significant other and see what their favorite dessert is. If you both have a dessert that is your absolute favorite, then have it at your reception! Like always, do not forget that it is your special day, not your guests. 

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