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When thinking about the attire for your wedding, you want your guests to know the expectations for your big day. Letting your guests know ahead of time what they should wear will cause both you and your guests less stress. Figuring out ways to inform your guests about the attire can be tricky, but there are some practical ways to go about doing this. 

Venue Matters

The first thing you need to do is take your venue into account. Whether you are having a black tie wedding at a fancy hotel, or a casual outdoor wedding, you will want to make sure your guests are dressed appropriately. 

Types of Weddings

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Most outdoor and barn weddings would be considered casual weddings. You would not want your guests to wear their most fancy outfit somewhere that it could potentially be messed up or ruined. Casual does not mean wear your best athleisure wear. Casual attire for a wedding is similar to what you would wear if you were to wear something that is business casual. For men, that would be dress pants and a button down shirt. For women, that would be a simple church dress or pants and a blouse. 

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Beach Formal 

For a beach formal wedding, there will most likely be wind, sand, and water so you will need to take the surroundings into account. The last thing you want is for your short dress to fly up in the middle of the wedding. I would suggest that women wear decent length sundresses. For men, they should wear a more casual suit. The men could also just wear a blazer or suspenders over dress pants and a button down shirt. 

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Black Tie

A black tie wedding is the most dressy wedding that you could have. The attire for women is a cocktail dress or a full-length gown. For the men, they should wear a tuxedo. The venue is super important at a black tie wedding because it will be a determining factor in how dressed up your guests will choose to be. 

How to Inform your Guests on the Attire

The easiest way to inform your guests on the attire of your wedding is by plainly stating it on your wedding invitations. You can also add a little slip of paper in your reception invitation because this invitation will most likely be enclosed. Another way you can inform your guests is by having a statement of your wedding website. When your guests go to RSVP, the attire expectations should be located somewhere that is easily visible. Putting your wedding dress code in a different font or color may also be a good idea to make sure that you draw enough attention to it. 

Regardless of the standards that you set for your wedding, you need to understand that there will be at least one person that shows up to the wedding that is not dressed the part.  If you go ahead and have this mindset, it will be less likely to bother/worry you on your big day.  Set your expectations, but do not stress too much about the little things. 

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