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What is considered a multicultural wedding?

A multicultural wedding is when the two people who come together in marriage are from different ethnicities, race, religion, or culture. Most couples are going to have an array of differences when it comes to culture, and below are some ways to incorporate these differences; as well as, enjoying every moment of your wedding. 

Consider Counseling 

I would definitely consider going to counseling with your significant other even if you are both a part of the same culture. This way you will be able to better understand where they come from, where their beliefs lie, and it will help overall as you unite together for the rest of your lives. 

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Take Time With Both Families

Most frustration from your wedding day will come from the opinions that come from your family members. If your families are from different cultures, then they are going to have completely different ways of going about things. I would recommend sitting both sides of the family down and discussing the most important elements of the wedding and ceremony with them. Families create their own expectations of what they want you to do in your wedding, and will be thoroughly disappointed when you do not do things the way that they envisioned. Their disappointment will in turn affect you on your big day, so take the extra time to talk about what they should expect. 

Venues, Vendors, and Religious Institutions

When having a multicultural wedding, you must consider whether your venues, vendors, and religious institutions will accommodate you. Some religious institutions will not allow interfaith couples to be married in their facilities.  Another thing you might have to consider is some venues and vendors will not allow you to have entire religious ceremonies due to time specifications and bringing in different pieces of culture such as fire, belly dancers, large crowds, yelling and screaming, etc., might also not be allowed. 

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Make your Ceremony and Reception Unforgettable 

Having a multicultural wedding can be extremely fun, and your guests will love the way that you intertwine each of the couples cultures throughout the wedding.  

The first thing you need to do is make a list with your significant other of your favorite traditions and cultures that you would want to use in your wedding.  

The decor is an easy way to be bold by using different colors and symbols to represent the different cultures.  

For the ceremony, the bride can wear a traditional wedding gown, but she can transform during the reception into a dress that represents where she came from. 

You do need to make sure your guests are aware of the attire by establishing this in the wedding invitations.  

Having different food and drinks are also a good option to allow your guests to experience the traditional foods from your families and culture. You can have one side of your favorite foods that you had growing up, and then you can have your significant other’s favorite family foods on the other side.  

Hire a Planner

Regardless of whether you are having a multicultural wedding or not, I would 100% recommend hiring a planner. Expressing and explaining exactly what you want to a planner will help you to make your wedding dreams come true.  I think it will be super helpful when you are planning a multicultural wedding because they will be able to help balance both sides; as well as, help the couple make the most reasonable decisions when it comes to combining two different cultures. 

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