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One of the many “firsts” of a marriage is the newlywed’s First Dance. After the hustle and bustle of all the wedding day festivities, the first dance is truly a moment for the couple to be together and celebrate their love story. It is also an opportunity to share some of the couple’s personality with their guests. However romantic dancing to no music may seem, when it comes to your first dance, choosing the right song is key. Whether choosing a classic song for a romantic slow dance, an upbeat mashup for a choreographed performance, or a song dedicated to each other, picking the song for the first dance is an exciting aspect of wedding planning.  

Thankfully, most music is written about – you guessed it – love. So, possibilities are endless when deciding on that one special song. However, this can make the process of choosing the perfect song more stressful than necessary. When selecting a song for your first dance, there are three key elements to consider: Genre, Theme, & Sentimental Value.

1. Genre

The first step in rummaging through songs for your first dance is to select your genre of preference. Whether you and your future spouse are big fans of country music or into classic oldies love songs, narrowing it down to a particular genre will help consolidate your search.

 Country vs. Pop

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2. Theme 

Another item of consideration is matching the ambiance of your song selection with the theme of your wedding. If you have a very traditional wedding, playing the latest pop hit love song for your first dance may throw your guests for a whirl. Likewise, dancing to Celine Dion’s “Because You Loved Me” after a contemporary ceremony may not seem fitting. Seamless transitions and a coherent design throughout the wedding help maintain an overall aesthetic.

Classic vs. Contemporary

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3. Sentimental Value

The third and arguably most essential element to consider when choosing your first dance song is the sentimental value it carries. For many couples, the song they dance their first dance to is “their song” — one that they feel embodies their relationship and feelings for each other. However, sometimes a couple’s song may not be the best fit for a first dance, and they are back to the drawing board. You want to choose a song that, in the moment, reminds you of why you fell in love with your person to begin with. The song could also be connected to a special memory or remind you of the moment you knew you were in love. A song that can reflect a piece of your love story and your connection with your spouse will make your first dance unforgettable. Ultimately, the song you choose should bring a smile to you and your partner’s faces as you embark on this new chapter of life together.

Favorite Sentimental Songs

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Choosing a song for your first dance should be an exciting decision for you and your future spouse to make together. If the surplus of potential wedding songs starts to get overwhelming, remember to narrow your genre, coincide with your theme, and pick a song that reminds you of the love you are celebrating.

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