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The tradition of the wedding bouquet dates back to ancient history, symbolizing more than just happiness, fidelity, and new beginnings. Ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks initially carried bundles of scented herbs and fragrant spices to manifest good fortune, ward off evil presences and cover the smell of body odor. Although such functions of the wedding bouquet are no longer as essential as they once were, the beauty, colors, and romance a bouquet represents still hold appeal to the modern bride centuries later. To other brides, the bouquet characterizes an outdated fashion, over budget expense, eco-conscious concern or allergic reaction waiting to happen. Before deciding to include or exclude carrying a bouquet at your wedding, here are some alternatives to consider in addition to the traditional flower bouquet.

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There are several ways to still use flowers within your bouquet even if an unconventional approach is the goal. Asymmetric shapes, outpouring arrangements or unique geometric layouts can add personality to a wedding while still using the time-old tradition of a flower bouquet. Similarly, carrying a single flower can pose as an elegant statement. More organic options include ferns, olive branches, tropical flowers, and other greenery. Potted plants, dried floral arrangements, and vegetable or herb wreaths may appeal to those who desire substitute botanical options. 

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If you still want to mimic a bouquet yet scrap the flowers, an abundance of distinctive materials exist to create a similar aesthetic. Paper flower bouquets are rising in popularity, allowing more freedom to the bride with respect to seasonal demand, color choices, and arrangement requests. Feathers, seashells, and porcelain bouquets will definitely catch the eye of every guest in the audience. To music appreciators, sheet music bouquets are a lyrical alternative that display a bride’s creativity. Almost anything can be used to fabricate a bouquet!

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Another fun way brides can incorporate the symbolism of a bouquet within their wedding emerges through distinguishing jewelry or accessories. Dramatic headpieces or statement necklaces can add spice to traditional attire while leaving the bride’s hands open during the wedding. Live floral wearables present an interactive opportunity to exhibit flowers, such as corsages, brooches, or flower crowns. For weddings in colder seasons or locations, a fur muff is a sleek, warm accessory to enhance the winter look. Exquisite arm garlands or jewelry cuffs are a chance to glam up any bridal style.

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The possibilities that remain beyond the concept of a wedding bouquet are endless! Carrying lanterns and candles will light up the room, illuminating a warm and welcoming entrance. To mix other charming styles into the traditional walk down the aisle, brides can hold classic fans, chic clutches, boho fringe hoops, or vintage umbrellas and parasols. Ranging from making your way down the aisle with your puppy to riding an exotic pet, incorporating loved ones (and animals) into your wedding is always special. Beloved family heirlooms tie together sentimental memories from the past and new dreams for the future. To integrate significant cultural values and beliefs into your wedding, consider precious books, symbolic trinkets or religious texts such as the Bible. 

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The most important advice to remember is that this is your wedding! Ultimately, whatever you decide to carry should represent your personality and your choice because it’s your day. Researching ideas through social media can appear daunting, but it’s a good start for those who are unsure about straying from the traditional flower bouquet. When in doubt, go with your gut! Embracing hobbies, personal collections, and individual style are key to finding an flawless and authentic alternative.

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