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Among other things, 2020 and 2021 are the year of Covid-weddings. These are weddings that have been impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic as CDC guidelines have limited social gatherings. Brides and Grooms across the globe have had to adapt to these every-changing rules and many Weddings have been postponed or cancelled. Nonetheless, some wedding parties have turned to a more digital form of celebration: a zoom wedding. 

What is a “Zoom Wedding”

Zoom is a streaming service that has taken the world by storm during the pandemic. Due to the accessibility of the application as well as the ability to have up to 1,000 devices on a single call, Zoom has taken communication to a whole new level. Much like School or Work has turned to zoom, Wedding ceremonies have as well. In order to perform a zoom wedding, the party will typically send out the “zoom link” in order to grant everyone access to the meeting. From there, a family member or videographer will film the bride and groom as well as the Wedding officiant as they give their vows and say I do!

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Zoom for the Wedding party:

Although the reality of a zoom wedding may be disappointing, there are plenty of ways to spice up the event and make it unique. Since most venues are closed, many couples have transformed their house into a prime wedding location. Whether this means buying new furniture, hanging new photos or just cleaning out an extra room, preparing for a Zoom wedding might be the home makeover you always needed. Another way to make the virtual event more personal is to send small gift bags to guests’ houses for them to enjoy during the wedding. Although they will not be there in person to celebrate, they will have a small physical tribute to remind them of you. Finally, with all of the money that is saved from staying home, it is the perfect opportunity to save for the future, or to spend on a future honeymoon. Although it may not be ideal, there are more benefits to a virtual wedding than one may think. 

Photo courtesy of Blane Marble

Zoom for the audience:

The beauty of a zoom wedding for the audience is no traveling, no getting dressed and no leaving your house! This has become a great asset to individuals with family who may have not been able to come or can now invite more people than they could in person. Additionally, with zoom’s breakout room feature, individuals are able to split up into smaller groups and talk amongst themselves as they would at a live event. As long as every device tuning into the wedding has the ability to access the internet, they can watch from virtually anywhere. 

What does this mean for the future?

Although the concept of virtual weddings is likely temporary, it is a great option to have on the backburner. Whether there are family members who are unable to make it in person or the couple cannot afford a true wedding venue, Zoom is a great alternative that brings the magic of marriage right to your living room. 

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