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While everybody loves to admire a traditional, white wedding cake at the reception, it’s actually becoming much more common to serve an unexpected dessert to the wedding guests. Some cakes can be very expensive, ranging between $500 to $1000, and most of the time there are guests that don’t even want any cake! Some people think that cake is too sweet or simply don’t enjoy frosting. There are many beautiful and unique alternatives to serve at the reception! Here are some suggestions:

1. Macarons

The best thing about macarons is that there is probably a flavor for everybody! They are small and very cheap compared to most options, especially if you place a large enough order. Purchasing enough for each guest to have one or two macarons is a perfect, light sweet treat to serve on an elegant display put together by a local bakery.

2. Donut Tower

Who doesn’t love gourmet donuts? Just like macarons, donuts are also very inexpensive. Donut towers can be ordered, but are also extremely easy to put together yourself. This is such a cute idea for couples that are careful and creative in the kitchen. People could easily pull their donut off themselves, but it’s recommended to designate one or two people to handle the deconstruction of the delicious tower. This is almost a guaranteed crowd-pleaser.

3. Churros

This dessert is commonly overlooked and definitely underrated. They are typically pretty large, so it works perfectly for each guest to enjoy one churro either on a plate or wrapped up in a napkin! This is definitely a very casual option, but great for couples that love things like fairs and festivals, especially if they don’t want to break the bank on this wedding. Churros have recently become more popular at weddings and can easily be transformed into beautiful displays. 

4. Mini Pies

Like macarons, this dessert can please even the pickiest eater at the reception. Mini pies are very common, yet some taste cheap or bland, so a taste test is more highly suggested. This could potentially be a pretty pricey alternative, but if you find the perfect pies then it would definitely be worth it.

5. Cream Puffs

This is such an elegant dessert to serve at a wedding that doesn’t even need an extravagant display to win the guests over. However, it’s definitely a more uncommon treat that not everyone will love. And of course, cream puffs are a bit expensive as well. However, if the couple loves cream puffs and is having a relatively small wedding, this dessert is an excellent choice.

6. Candy Bar

This idea is my personal favorite because it can and will appeal to every guest with a sweet tooth, and provides so much opportunity to be creative. The “Candy Bar” doesn’t necessarily need to mean Halloween candy with neon wrappers… it can be as fancy or as simple as the couple wants it to be! Grazing boards are all of the rage right now, and this display could follow a similar style along a table at a reception, only including desserts like macarons, chocolate-covered strawberries, fudge, mini cheesecakes, lemon tarts, etc. Each guest can come and go to the Candy Bar as they please throughout the night and easily find something they enjoy to celebrate at the occasion.

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