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The welcoming and versatile city of Athens, Georgia is a special location to host a wedding for countless reasons. The Athens wedding industry is growing as more and more people are appreciating all that the unique town has to offer for all kinds of weddings. 

Local Food

The food scene in Athens is incomparable, ranging from some of the best burger joints to top-tier fine dining. Almost every prominent restaurant in Athens provides catering services, including:

Classic Brunch Spot – home.made

Fresh Market – Heirloom Café

South-Eastern Barbeque – Saucehouse BBQ

Popular Bakery – Bee’s Knees Bakery. 

Athens Favorite – Last Resort Grill

The Athens community is starting to attract incredible chefs and business owners due to the growing competitive restaurant environment. A wedding in Athens guarantees delicious food at every meal!


Located in the beautiful southeastern region of the country, Athens is planted in the heart of Georgia and is stunning during every season of the year. The summers are warm and bright and the winters are cozy, but spring and fall are when Athens truly shines. The spring flowers bloom all over the town, especially near the campus of UGA. In the fall, the colorful leaves are scattered everywhere you walk in downtown Athens, and the trees change to shades of beautiful reds and oranges. The Georgia State Botanical Gardens, located in Athens, is a gorgeous property to enjoy any season that Athens is experiencing, and admire all of the local flowers, plants, and trees. Photos from weddings hosted in Athens during the spring or fall always have magnificent scenery.

Feeling of Young Love

Aside from its physical beauty and delicious restaurant options, Athens is unique in the feeling that it gives its visitors. Home of the University of Georgia, Athens has hosted thousands of football games, celebrations, graduations, and has fostered millions of lifelong relationships. Anywhere near downtown or UGA’s campus, visitors feel like they’re right back in their late teens and early twenties again. Athens reminds us all of young love. Any couple that met in college would have such a special wedding in an old town with such a young spirit.

Hopes for the Future

Athens is the home to so many special relationships that started on campus, but it’s also the home to many dreams and aspirations that students chased and pursued through their schoolwork. Athens is the home to thousands of students filled with hope for their futures, a special feeling that engaged couples can easily relate to. Excitement for what is to come is another common feeling among the residents of Athens, making it an inspiring and uplifting environment. Couples that choose to get married in Athens, especially graduates of UGA, will relive that hope and contentment on their wedding day in the Classic City.

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