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Let’s face it, weddings are expensive. From the ring to the honeymoon, there are numerous costs that go towards making your wedding day perfect. For many people, this is the most important day of their lives, and one they have looked forward to for as long as they can remember. Your wedding day should be all that you envision, but that does not mean it has to be a financial burden you carry into this new stage of life. Here are five quick tips on how to cut the costs while still having the wedding of your dreams:

1. Limit the Guest List

Limiting who you invite to your wedding can be challenging, but it is one of the keyways to save money when planning your wedding. Inviting fewer guests means saving money on invitations, food, refreshments, favors, and having more flexibility in choosing a venue that can accommodate a smaller number of people. None of the expenses that come with inviting more guests goes toward making your day more special for you and your spouse, so do not be afraid of not inviting a third cousin’s best friend from college. Another way to limit guests is to not allow plus ones, or to specifically indicate who is invited on the invitation. This helps avoid any confusion for your guests, and ensures you know everyone who is attending your wedding. Save money and plan small.

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2. DIY Décor

From magazines to Pinterest boards, there are a plethora of resources for brides looking to craft their own decor. When working with vendors, decoration costs can add up quickly. Making certain decorations yourself is one sure way to limit the costs of your wedding, without taking away from the aesthetic. Some wedding DIY projects include favors, centerpieces, guest sign in sheets, entryway décor – you name it! Even if you do not consider yourself to be the crafty type, consider looking into finding easy and beautiful ways to create your own décor and shed some expenses from your special day.

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3. Get Creative with the Cake

We all love a good tiered cake, but sometimes the most glamorous cake is not the most cost efficient. Get creative with your cake options. Buy a plain (tasty!) cake and add your own decorations. Buying an inexpensive cake like this means you could practice different styles/ways of decorating and perfect it before the big day. If you have a friend who is a talented baker, ask if they would make your wedding cake. While presentation is important, you and your guests will remember how the cake tasted more than you will recall how it looked. If cake is not your dessert of preference, go a different route. There are tons of options on how to cut the costs when it comes to your wedding cake.

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4. Save on Entertainment – Create A Playlist

The entertainment at the reception can range from live music, to hiring a DJ, to playing music over the speaker from your laptop. If you know what songs you want played at your reception, save the money you would spend on a DJ and create a playlist. This can be a fun activity for the engaged couple to do together in preparation for the big day. Couples could also send out a poll to their guests and have them make song requests as a fun way to include them in the process. While there are some risks to playing your own music, it will absolutely cut down on the costs of the reception.

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5. Select a Naturally Beautiful Venue

While everyone wants to have their wedding at a beautiful venue, choosing one that is already aesthetically pleasing can cut down on the cost of decorations. Dynamic venues that have outdoor spaces and well as indoor reception areas provide versatility in backgrounds for capturing the special day. Although naturally charming venues may be more expensive, it is worth weighing the costs of the additional decorations that would be necessary at other venues. By choosing a venue like this, you will be saving money and effort that would be spent on decorations.

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The wedding of your dreams does not have to break the bank. There are lots of ways to cut the costs of your big day, without taking away from your celebration. Although it is ultimately up to the bride and groom to decide which parts of their special day get more financial attention than others, these five tips are sure to lower the expenses that come with planning a wedding.

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