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Every bride and groom want to commemorate their special day. They may do so by having guests sign and leave a message upon entering, having a videographer, or by keeping their decorations and centerpieces. Arguably, the best way to remember your special day is through photography. Photography is a way to accurately capture the emotions present during a wedding. A photograph freezes a moment in time and can evoke all emotions every time it is looked backed to. It is very common to have a photographer, or several, follow both the bride and groom all throughout the wedding day. Except, when it comes to having a professional photographer at a wedding, it is important that you familiarize yourself with their previous work and their work style. It is important that you find a photographer that understands your own style and vision of your wedding. 

There are many photographers with different types of styles. Some photographer’s work have a nostalgic and vintage look to it, or some prefer a more bright and sharp look. Besides a photographer’s personal style, there are many more things you should consider before booking a photographer. 

Here are some several tips and things to consider before selecting your wedding day photographer: 

Know What You Want 

There are many photographers with different visions and styles. It is important that you narrow down on what kind of aesthetic you are looking for in your wedding photos. If you are still unsure, look at other couple’s wedding day photos and see what you like and do not like. This search can be done through social media platforms or blogging websites. If you already know what you like then it is important that you seek photographers with a similar style. Knowing what you want will narrow down the search and make looking for a photographer much simpler. 

Meet with Photographers

Seek an interview with all the photographers you are interested in working with. Once you have settled on a date, interview all photographers who are available for work on your wedding day. Ask to see a full wedding album. Don’t only settle by viewing their highlighted photographer on their website. Viewing a full photo album of a wedding will help you decide if you do like their style and tendencies. These meetings and interviews with photographers will prove to save you time and assist in being sure on your final decision. 

Discuss Pricing and Fees

Different photographers offer different packages. Packages can come with timeline guidance, editing, image delivery, and selected photograph coverage. It is important that during your meeting with your selected photographer that packages and pricing is discussed. Some photographers charge differently, such as an hourly or flat rate. While discussing pricing, make sure to consider any extras or effects that you may want to add. Any extras that are not included in the photographers standard rates will most likely incur an extra cost. Along with pricing, make sure to ask if there will be any extra assistant photographers and if they are included in the package or contract. 

Request for a Practice Run 

If you and your partner plan to have a shoot before the wedding day, it would be a good idea to hire your expected photographer to shoot that event as well. Many wedding photographers also shoot engagement photoshoots. By having the photographer work with you prior to the wedding will help you and your partner get comfortable with a camera before the wedding day. It will also show you the photographer work ethic and style. This can be used as an opportunity to see if you are truly settled on a specific photographer. 

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