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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people live, work, and get married in this past year. Couples have to consider the safety of their guests and themselves as they navigate the entire process. There are several trends emerging as a result.


Wedding types are changing. Some frustrated couples who have already postponed their wedding due to the COVID-19 pandemic are now moving towards eloping. Many are finding that a quiet ceremony between the bride and groom, where the virus won’t rear its ugly head, is just what the doctor ordered. When eloping isn’t an option, couples are downsizing mega guest lists to much smaller, more intimate, micro-weddings. These include just a few of the most important players in the wedding party. Weekday weddings are a great option for some couples as well. With many venues and vendors being booked for weekends already in the coming year, having a wedding on a Tuesday will likely open up availability and help keep costs lower and guest lists smaller.

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Due to the pandemic, dining options for weddings have shifted. Although traditional buffet style dining was the popular option in 2020, a long table with guests hovering over uncovered food and touching the same serving spoons is currently unsafe. Keeping health in mind, couples are opting for meals provided by a wait staff. This can be anything from a casual dinner to a three-course feast, and with a more intimate guest list, the latter is more affordable than ever.

Although in the past place cards at the reception tables have been somewhat controversial, they are now of the utmost importance in any COVID-19 era wedding. Keeping families together and seating guests at socially distanced tables is key to keeping everyone healthy. Even during the ceremony, intentionally assigned seating can make guests feel safe and cared-for.

Reception entertainment is the new dance floor. Ditch the D.J and consider a live band, dueling pianos, or even a magician front and center; anything to keep guests entertained, seated and happy. More time for toasts and funny stories.

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In years past, couples would travel to the ends of the earth to enjoy some couple quiet time and decompress after months of wedding planning. Due to current restrictions, traveling to exotic locations may actually put greater stress on the newlyweds. As a result, many people are opting for a passport free honeymoon. Couples are hopping in the car and heading to a luxury resort stateside or even road tripping to explore some of America’s national parks. 

Not interested in spending money on a domestic honeymoon? Many couples are taking their honeymoon budget and making it count at home.  Consider all of the awesome home improvements that would be possible if you ditched a traditional honeymoon!

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Despite the inconveniences sparked by the current pandemic, couples can still have a beautiful wedding. It may look a little different than in years past, but that doesn’t mean it has to be any less fun. Although some people want to wait for normal life to resume, it is possible to have a dream-worthy wedding even in the depths of COVID-19.

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