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Flower girls are additions to a wedding that add a sense of familial togetherness. Flower girls usually walk down the aisle before the bride, and leave a trail of petals. There are many interpretations of what a flower girl represents. 

Historically, flower girls would represent a version of the bride. A flower girl walking down the aisle represents a reflection of the bride as she grows into an adult. Flower girls at your wedding is not a necessary addition, but if you do decide to have a flower girl there are many questions you should consider. 

Who can be the flower girl?

Usually the flower girl will be the daughter of close family or friends. They flower girl can be your niece, goddaughter, cousin, or a friend’s daughter. A flower girl should be someone you have a familial connection towards. This will make the experience of seeing the flower girl walk down all the more special.

Who is in charge of the dress?

A flower girl will most likely be dressed in a white dress. It can even be a dress that looks like the bride’s dress. If you want the flower girl to match your color palette, then the flower girl can wear a dress in the same color as your bridesmaids. As for who pays, usually the guardian of the flower girl will pay for the dress. Except, if it is within your wedding budget, it would be a kind gesture to offer. Also if you want a specific, or custom dress, it may make sense for you to offer to pay for the dress. 

What is a flower girl’s responsibility?

A flower girl is responsible for walking down the aisle before the brides entrance. Traditionally, while the flower girl is walking, she will toss flower petals. Except, flower petals are not always a must. Another common action is having the flower girl blow bubbles as she walks down the aisle. There are many things a flower girl can do, just make sure she is able to. 

Is there an age cap?

A flower girl will usually be from the ages of four to eight. There is no specific age a flower girl must be, but it is smart to consider if they are able to do the task you want of them. Flower girls can be younger, but may need their guardian to help them as they walk the aisle. If you want a flower girl who can walk by herself and perform her responsibilities with no mistake, it might be best to consider an older flower girl. 

Do flower girls attend the reception?

It is very common for the flower girl to attend the reception. Except, as no-children receptions increase in popularity, many do not attend. It is sometimes expected that all those who were in attendance at the ceremony should be invited to the reception. Whether the flower girl attends the reception is a topic that should be discussed with the flower girl’s guardians. This way, they have ample time to set up a plan with baby-sitters, nannies and caregivers. 

If you and your partner decide to not have a flower girl, there are many other options. Some weddings have even had grandparents to represent a lasting love. Others have even had their pets walk down the aisle as a fun way to appreciate a furry companion. Flower girls are not necessary, but always a nice addition to your wedding. 

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