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Part of the wedding process includes deciding on the different kinds of add-ons you would like present. There are things such as a photobooth, where guests can commemorate the day of your wedding. There are also candy bars, in which guests can indulge in sweets throughout the reception. The most common of them all is the open bar option. An open bar allows guests to get alcoholic drinks at your wedding. Alcohol at weddings is not a must, and there are many weddings in which alcohol is not provided. There are some things one must consider before deciding on having an open bar or no open bar. 

An open bar is definitely an extra cost you must consider in your budget. Having a tight budget and wanting an open bar will require you possibly cut back on the options guests have. Mixed drinks, where various types of alcohol are needed, can be removed from the menu. You may also want to supply your own alcohol. Make sure to check with your vendor or venue to see if that is possible. 

Another factor that comes with having an open bar is the possibility that guests may get more drinks than intended. It is often encouraged by vendors that you put a limit on your open bar. That limit can be from having a “closing” time and offering guests last call on the bar. There is also the option to have a set amount of alcohol before the wedding. Purchasing the alcohol in advance can help you limit the amount of alcohol your guest consumes and can also help with controlling your budget. 

Many people believe that an open bar is a must for a wedding, but it is not. It is an optional add-on to your wedding. If you want to provide guests with the opportunity to get drinks at your wedding, then you can opt for a cash car. Cash bars are bars in which your guests will have to pay their own drinks. This gives the guest the option of whether they would like to splurge on drinks or not. It is recommended that you include in invitations or simply let your guest know that it will be a cash bar and not an open bar. This warning allows guests to remember to bring cash or money if they plan to get a drink. 

There is also the option of having no bar at all. There is the worry if the guest will be disappointed or enjoy your wedding less due to the absence of a bar. Except, this is not the case. Guests should be able to equally enjoy your wedding without the presence of alcohol. It is not a requirement for a wedding, and can be substituted by other kinds of fun add-ons, such as the aforementioned candy bar, karaoke room, a video booth and many more. There are many different things that can be present at your reception.

A finale note on having a bar present at your wedding, is to encourage safe drinking. Do not allow guests to ruin your wedding day by causing disruption. To prevent your wedding from getting out of hand, remind guests that there are servers and vendors who will be working and that it is important to be considerate to them. It is also important to be considerate to the newlyweds, by controlling their alcohol intake and keeping it at a reasonable amount. 

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