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After the initial high many brides feel after their engagement comes the slump of figuring out their wedding budget. Planning for expenses can be stressful, but it’s important to remember that some of the most beautiful weddings happen on a tight budget – you just have to be strategic when allocating your money! Your dream wedding is only made possible by who you share it with, NOT the extravagant flowers or thirty-thousand dollar dress. 

When writing out your thorough budget, you need to consider everything on this list: venue, catering, rental costs, photography, videography, attire, hair, makeup, decor, entertainment, stationary, officiant, stationary, transportation, wedding bands, and a wedding planner. There is an affordable option for each of these services, you just need to decide what aspects of your wedding are most important. Five weddings with the same budget can look completely different depending on how you divide up your expenses.

Think 10 years ahead – what do you want to remember about your wedding? What do you want your guests to remember about your wedding? 

For some people, delicious food and a beautiful cake are a must. Couples that consider themselves “foodies” enjoy getting creative with the meals they serve or the design and flavor of their wedding cake. Couples that love to party care most about the alcohol money and opt for an open bar, sometimes sacrificing top-tier food so that people can drink more and create funny memories on the dance floor. 

Many young girls dream of having a beautiful wedding venue with colorful flowers and a stunning dress. Hopefully, this wedding will be a one-time thing… meaning you should be picky when dress shopping. The best tip for dress shopping on a budget is to start looking at dresses that cost about 75% of your budget. After going through your favorites, you can inch up and try on pricier options if you haven’t quite found the dress that makes you feel like a princess. It’s important to consider simpler dresses before moving up to the extra sparkles or lace… sometimes less is more! Plus, you can always jazz up a plain dress with a fancy hairdo and veil.

Some couples hate taking pictures together, and some love it! Those who love pictures and want as much of the wedding captured as possible should look for a good-quality wedding photographer or videographer. On the other hand, some couples don’t care as much about the pictures and want to be as present as possible on their day, so it would make more sense to hire a photographer without prioritizing perfect photos during the reception or any extra videography.

A common mistake many couples make is trying to plan the entire wedding themselves without a wedding planner. Yes, it seems like an extra expense, but the truth is that most wedding planners only take about 2-4% of the final wedding budget. A wedding planner helps the couple properly allocate their money and make the most of whatever their budget may be, not to mention taking a ton of stress off of their shoulders. This leaves more room for the couple to get excited about the event and have someone to depend on if anything falls through. 

When deciding what type of wedding you want with the money you have, remember that your wedding could be hosted at the most beautiful venue, and you could have the most incredible dress, and the food could be the best meal you’ve ever had, yet none of that will contribute to how heart-warming your wedding will feel. The person you’re marrying and the union of your two families will be the most special part of the day, so don’t think too hard when comparing tulips and roses!

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