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You have been dreaming about your wedding dress since you were a little girl. Over the years, the vision of what you would wear might have changed, but how you want to feel on that day has not. Every woman wants to look and feel beautiful on the big day, but with a growing to-do list, sometimes dress shopping ends up feeling more like a chore. Here are three tips to ensure finding your dream dress is an enjoyable process. 

Do Your Homework, but Keep an Open Mind

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Go into your appointment with a vision board of dresses that you love. Lace not your thing? Worried about showing too much cleavage? Many brides create Pinterest boards and cut out pictures of dresses they love. When you arrive at the boutique, present these ideas to your consultant to ensure she doesn’t waste time pulling dresses you aren’t interested in. If you aren’t falling in love with the dresses that you hoped you would, let your consultant pull some that she likes. Consultants have seen brides with your body shape before and tend to know what looks good on people. Have a little faith and you might be surprised.

Avoid Weekend Appointments

Most bridal salons do not allow clients to simply browse through the racks. You will likely have to book an appointment with a bridal consultant who will guide you through the shopping process. Salons tend to be busy on the weekends, which makes securing an appointment difficult. Worse yet, a busy schedule might make the consultant rush through your appointment, so she can get on to the next one. To ensure you are given adequate time and proper attention, try carving out some time on a weekday. You might even consider taking some time off work and making a day of it.

Select Your Decision Crew Carefully

Photo by Blane Marable

Choosing a wedding dress can quickly become a stressful process if you have the wrong team with you.  Don’t invite Aunt Nancy if she is constantly harping on you about your short skirts. If your best friend has too many opinions, maybe leave her at home. Keep your dress selection group small. The fewer the opinions, the easier it will be to find a dress that everyone loves. You don’t want to be walking down the aisle knowing that a member of your group hates the dress you have on. Keep this day full of positivity and excitement by surrounding yourself with people who support you and your wardrobe opinions. Afterall, a true friend thinks you are beautiful in everything you wear.

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