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As summer brings the wedding season into full swing, couples planning a winter wedding may feel at a loss for inspiration. In the months leading up to the big day, it is important to remember the trends of the season in which the wedding will take place. For winter weddings, there are four main elements that should be given special attention to ensure the theme adheres to the seasonal trends; color pallets, floral arrangements, weather accommodations, and holiday décor.

Color Pallets

Planning your wedding in the winter can feel whimsical amidst the holiday season. However, certain colors are naturally associated with cold weather and should therefore be considered when choosing the color scheme of your wedding. Largely due to the holiday season, dark greens and reds are often used for bridesmaids’ dresses, table settings, and other décor in a winter wedding. The theme of your big day is, however, not limited to the traditional reds and greens. Many brides have chosen black and white themed weddings, incorporated rustic oranges, or selected deep blues to accent their celebration. While the color selection is entirely up to the discrepancy of each couple, it is helpful to know the seasonal trends regarding color schemes. Very few winter weddings incorporate pastel or bright colors, because these are often associated with spring and summer weddings. Additionally, these eccentric colors may clash with the next item of consideration – floral arrangements.

Photo Courtesy of Sarah Ingram Photography

Floral Arrangements

Just like choosing a color scheme, certain floral arrangements are more appropriate for winter weddings than others. Because of the change in weather, many flowers may not be in bloom or available for a winter wedding. This is why there are a few common flowers that are often used in bouquets during colder seasons. In accordance with the holidays, Poinsettias are frequently featured in the bride’s bouquet. Other popular floral arrangements for winter weddings incorporate evergreen, eucalyptus, white roses, and burgundy-colored flowers. Silk flowers are also common among winter weddings considering the limited selection of flowers in bloom. Although floral options can be limited by the weather, there are many alternatives that will make your winter wedding a wonderland.

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Weather Accommodations

The third consideration of having a winter wedding is the potential accommodations for weather conditions. In planning a wedding during the coldest season, the wedding party and guests will need to consider their attire. Although this somewhat depends on if the wedding will be held indoors or outside, it is important for everyone in attendance to feel comfortable. Brides typically wear a long sleeve dress or have some type of wrap to keep them warm. Additionally, brides should consider the weather conditions when choosing their bridesmaids’ dresses. Aside from attire, providing heaters or hot beverages are two key ways to help keep your guests warm if any part of the celebrations will take place outdoors. Cold weather can spark warmth in a ceremony but accounting for weather conditions is essential to any successful wedding day.

Photo courtesy of Blane Marable

Holiday Décor

 The last aspect of planning a winter wedding that is of note is holiday décor. Many holidays occur within the winter season, but that does not mean that Santa has to make an appearance at your big day. Having tasteful seasonal décor can add an element of the holiday season without making it a focal point of your special day. A few ways to do this include decorating with acorns or wintergreen florals, lighting the reception with string lights, and even throwing in a little mistletoe throughout the night. Get creative with the decorations and encompass the holiday spirit as much as you desire.

Photo courtesy of Blane Marable

Winter weddings can be a magical experience, especially if they are in tune with the seasonal trends. Choosing winter color schemes and floral arrangements, making accommodations for colder weather, and incorporating holiday décor are a few ways to guarantee your winter wedding will be the perfect first chapter in forever. 

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