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Wedding planning comes in many stages. One of the most important parts of planning a wedding is deciding on the food and refreshment menu. The option of having alcohol at your wedding is also a key concern. Having a bar at your wedding may seem like a must, but it is not. There are many weddings that do not welcome any alcohol at all. Hosting a non-alcoholic or “dry” wedding is increasingly becoming more common. For many it is due to budget allocation, but also for personal preference. If you and your partner do not usually consume alcohol, then a non-alcoholic wedding could be a viable option. 

Here are some things to consider when deciding on whether to have a non-alcoholic wedding:

Notifying guest

It is important to notify guests whether alcohol will be served at your wedding. The same goes with whether you’ll have an open-bar or cash-bar. Many believe serving alcohol at weddings is customary and will expect there to be alcohol. This will help with easing people’s expectations and making sure guests are not surprised. 

Replacements of alcohol 

If you and your partner decide on having a non-alcoholic wedding, then you should plan fun and entertaining activities at your wedding. This can be anything from a photobooth, candy bar, a band, special performance, etc. These additions to your wedding will keep guests entertained and excited throughout the wedding. It can also keep people socializing and make for great memories. 

You can also maintain guests entertained through the food served at the wedding. Having a larger variety of food served at your wedding is a good option. You can take the opportunity to customize and diversify your menu. Many also decide to serve small treats or side dishes throughout the wedding as a way to maintain interaction and interest with the guests. 


An popular option at non-alcoholic bars is to have mocktails. Mocktails are a great way to introduce guests to different non-alcoholic mixes. Mocktails require fresh ingredients and juices, which allow for a very diverse menu and mixes. This can also be an opportunity to have a drink named after you and your partner. Many couples who offer a mocktail bar, offer a drink that each of them like and place it in the menu. This is a great way to interact with guests and keep them entertained. 

Along with mocktails, you can have a different type of specialized bar. There are kombucha bars, cider bars, and juice bars. These are all great options which allow for creativity and fun. It would also most likely be many of your guests first time encountering such a diverse bar. 

Overall, having a non-alcoholic wedding lets you and your partner have more control of your wedding day. It will also decrease the chances of having guests become rowdy and cause issues. Non-alcoholic weddings also allow you to be creative with other aspects of your wedding. Many choose to allocate their budget into creating a memorable menu or to offer many activities during the wedding. It is important that you and your partner come up with a game plan on how you will ensure guests have fun at your wedding. 

Having a non-alcoholic wedding requires you and your partner to be confident in your decision. It will remind guests that they are there to celebrate a couple. A non-alcoholic wedding only requires creativity, organization and communication. If you and your partner got all three requirements down, then your wedding will be a memorable celebration. 

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