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From setting budgets to contacting vendors to maintaining a cohesive theme, planning a wedding is more than saying yes to the dress. The months leading up to a couple’s big day may seem like an overwhelming and expensive checklist that can detract from the excitement of tying the knot. Many couples consider hiring a wedding planner to guarantee that their ideal day becomes a seamless reality. More importantly, these wedding planners handle any last-minute emergencies, so the couple can fully enjoy one of the greatest milestones life has to offer. If you are deciding whether it is worth the investment, here are some tips for what to expect when hiring a wedding planner. 

A Planner’s Responsibilities

Wedding planners specialize in the logistical work that makes a wedding happen. Although their specific duties depend on each wedding, they generally help build and stay within a desired budget and develop a play-by-play for the wedding and associated events. Not only should your wedding planner be well-organized, but they should also be a strong communicator and negotiator. As their top priority, wedding planners should be quick to respond to any of your questions or concerns. They are your resource for getting in touch with vendors to schedule event space tours, floral arrangements, cake tastings and other appointments. This also includes contract creation, so your planner should be able to advocate prices with suppliers to stay on track with your expenses. Finally, a wedding planner should be knowledgeable about current wedding trends and color schemes to match your theme. With the dozens of weddings executed and attended, wedding planners have seen it all. They can offer plenty of creative suggestions to make your wedding a memorable one for you and your guests. 

The Value of Experience

When choosing your perfect planner, tangible results from previous weddings are more valuable than the skills and fluff listed on a resume. You want to hire a wedding planner with experience in the hospitality and event planning industries, so do your research. If you lack word-of-mouth recommendations, Google is your best friend. Websites, such as The Knot and WeddingWire, offer search tools that can help you locate local wedding planners based on your preferred price range, service and availability along with their reviews from prior customers. You and your partner should have a few options before finalizing a decision. As much as this seems like a tedious match-making process, you should arrange interviews with each contender to see if they pair well with your values. You are about to enter a year-long relationship with this person, so it is crucial that you are comfortable working and communicating with them.

Communication is Key

Upon hiring your planner, you may be eager to jump into the nitty-gritty of setting up your wedding. However, it is mutually beneficial to schedule a one-on-one conversation with your planner. This allows this person to get a grasp on your individual taste and style while also offering you an opportunity to develop a contract that outlines your expectations from your planner. This physical agreement sets boundaries for their involvement and communicates what you hope to achieve on your big day. 

Their Job is to Guide, not Decide

In the end, a wedding is a celebration of you and your partner, and your wedding planner’s job is to make that dream day come alive. Just as no couple is the same, neither is a wedding. Trust in your planner’s suggestions, but do not let them overstep on what you want. 

Day-Of Duties

Your wedding planner can also double as your day-of wedding coordinator. It is invaluable to have another person who can take the reigns of ticking each box and managing any potential crises that arise. From handling rowdy guests to arranging the event space and seating arrangements, your planner is your unsung hero to enjoying a stress-free and smooth wedding.  

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