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Finishing your college degree is already stressful enough without adding the pressures of planning your wedding. The focus, energy and commitment required for both school and your nuptials may appear challenging to successfully pull off both. Luckily, juggling both undertakings doesn’t have to be impossible! Use our guide below to balance both your degree and big day.

Managing a Budget

When it comes to planning a wedding while attending school, budgeting is essential. Tuition, student loans, rent, and supplies may already have you in serious debt, and more semesters ahead can add up. Be mindful by taking these current and future expenses into account before planning your wedding. Vendors, caterers, and accessories that work around your budget will only help you later on life. Creating payment schedules is also a great way to keep on top of a student budget.

Planning a Schedule

Organizing your schedule will help your school experience and wedding run smoothly. A regular study schedule might help you maintain good grades in classes, but adding personal life into the mix may throw off typical planning habits. Choose one or two days a week to dedicate to wedding planning, with reports showing Sunday and Monday being the most popular days. Your favorite music, a glass of wine, or background TV shows serve as motivation. With the other days of the week dedicated to work or school, this will allow you to separate wedding talk from class, clearly allocate tasks for both, and save you a lot of stress.

Forming a master calendar is a great tool to visualize due dates and goals in upcoming months. Keeping it updated will ensure you don’t overbook yourself. By adding school dates before wedding planning dates, you can keep extra-busy periods to a minimum and avoid unnecessary cramming. Prioritizing certain tasks lets you exert energy accordingly, such as avoiding your bachelorette party the weekend before a final exam, or scheduling a presentation the same week your send-the-dates must be mailed. Next, if you have a lengthy engagement, try to plan your semester classes around your wedding tasks. Getting more difficult classes out of the way before crucial wedding planning stages begin will assist you later by providing a lighter homework load. Think smarter, not harder!

Photo Courtesy of Blane Marable 

Asking for Help

No one can do it all. Browsing through social media and previous wedding posts may help you mimic a style or choose a location, saving time from creating a plan from scratch. Planning applications, websites, and Pinterest are fantastic tools for inspiration. However, try to keep the scrolling to a minimum and maintain the separation of work or classes from wedding time.

 The luxury of a wedding planner may not be an option for you, but this doesn’t stop you from reaching out to friends or family for help.  Although asking solely for financial help might not be the best course of action, inquiring about help with coordination, recommendations, and advice will be more sincere.  Connecting with one of these close sources will allow you to gauge their interest. Most likely, someone will be willing and eager to assist you with your big day. That being said, remember to be graceful to those who decline to help, and consider that you know your relationship better than anyone who may make your young wedding the subject of gossip. Don’t let outsiders deter you!

Making “Me Time”

Knowing your limits is key to maintaining steady progress towards your degree and your wedding. Taking a few moments or days off can be healthy for you to destress, and it won’t be the end of the world if you take a break. By scheduling breaks in your days, you’ll regain focus. Treat yourself for completing major goals, deadlines, or assignments, and go celebrate the little victories! If you want an escape, try to have offline fun without your phone to distract you with phone calls from vendors, grade notifications, or scrolling through Pinterest. Do whatever makes you happy!

Lastly, if the planning process becomes too much to handle on top of school, postponing is always an option. Putting your wedding off until after graduation doesn’t mean defeat, especially if you’ll be able to breathe easier. Your love for your partner will still be strong after graduation, and this strength is a core value to a successful  marriage. Sometimes, postponing is just more practical. 

Photo Courtesy of Blane Marable

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