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The capacity regulations prompted by the coronavirus pandemic have given life to the phrase, “quality over quantity.” Planning your biggest milestones has been a challenge in this past year, but where there is a will, there is a way. Microweddings have become a trend for those wanting to get married during the pandemic, but it looks like it will remain a popular option for couples seeking a more intimate ambiance. However, fewer people does not mean that there is any less reason to celebrate. Here are some highlights to a microwedding that may make it the event for you. 

What is a Microwedding

A microwedding has all the components of a traditional wedding but with a maximum guest count of 50 people. This is not the same as a minimony, which is another COVID-19 coined wedding, as there is no larger, follow-up ceremony. Although it is on a smaller scale, a microwedding still requires the same amount of preparation as if you were to host a conventional wedding.

The Cost

The Knot determined that in their 2019 Real Weddings Study, the average size of a traditional wedding in the United States was 131 guests with an average cost of $33,900. With a smaller guest count, the cost for a microwedding can be from $1,500 to $10,000. Whether you desire to stick to simple or want to plan a luxurious event, this may be the wedding for you. A microwedding offers more budgetary room to spend on minor details that make your Pinterest board big day come to life for both you and your guests. Before you get deep into planning your wedding, decide on a budget with your partner or wedding planner that satisfies which areas that you would like to splurge on. 

Image by wedding photographer Blane Marable

Less is More

Making the guest list for a wedding is never easy, especially when you have to consider people from both your and your partner’s lives. This becomes even more of a challenge for a microwedding as it requires you and your partner to sit down and strategically choose the people that you both want at your wedding. However, one of the main benefits to a microwedding is its intimacy. This type of wedding mutually creates a more authentic experience for you and your guests. You are celebrated and surrounded by the people that mean the most to you and the guests can genuinely spend time with the happy couple. 

All About You

The sky is the limit when planning a microwedding. You have more flexibility to personalize your wedding since the budget is not set for a large guest list. Whether it be a destination wedding in Hawaii, catering from you and your partner’s favorite restaurant or your dream princess wedding gown, your extra money can go where you want it to. This remains true even if you decide to do a backyard wedding with DIY decor. 

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