Photo by wedding photographer Krista Brackin

A bridal shower is one of the most traditional aspects of a wedding, originating in 16th century Holland. Since then, they have been something every bride looks forward to on her wedding journey. A classic bridal shower gathers the bridal party and the couple’s female family and close friends to celebrate the upcoming wedding, as well as give gifts for the couple’s home. As with many wedding traditions, bridal showers have changed significantly over time. In the 21st century, there has been an increase in the amount of couples who are opting for a joint wedding shower. There are many ways you can go about this, but the most popular route for a joint wedding shower, also known as a couple or co-ed shower, is a casual event with both bride and groom and their closest friends and family. The main perk of this event is that it gets both the bride and groom in on the festivities. Still, a joint shower is not right for every wedding.

Joint showers are typically a more relaxed occasion than a bridal shower and require a different level of planning compared to the traditional bridal shower. A downside to the planning process behind a joint shower is determining the guest list. Because there will be both men and women in attendance at the event, the volume of attendees will be larger and the event can cost more. This means you may have to be selective about who you invite, especially if you are only able to host the event in a small space. 

Photo by wedding photographer Blane Marable.

Another benefit of a joint shower is that it is a part of your wedding that you can get very creative with. Because it isn’t a typical wedding tradition, there are very few expectations for what your event is supposed to be. You don’t even have to open gifts at the event if you don’t want to! Some couples have opted for cocktail party style showers, or even themed showers. If the bride or groom is a more traditional individual, or comes from a very traditional family, a joint shower may not be ideal for your wedding.

The most important thing when deciding whether or not to have a joint shower for your wedding is knowing what kind of wedding you want to have. It is a perfect choice for the modern wedding, but may feel out of place at a traditional wedding. It should also be something both the bride and groom want. The groom should not feel like he is being dragged to yet another wedding activity, and the bride shouldn’t feel robbed of the spotlight. A joint wedding shower can end up becoming the piece of your wedding that you look back on most fondly, but there is nothing wrong with sticking to tradition either. 

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