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Winter is a wonderful time of year full of festivities and holiday spirit, making it an even more magical time to tie the knot with your beloved. Although warm weather weddings in the spring and summer are often favored by engaged couples, a winter wedding can be just as special. Here are some tips for how you can accommodate for the cooler weather and make the most of your winter wedding. 

What to Wear

Having your special day in the cool weather can actually be an advantage; you can avoid sweating in your dress and ruining your hair and makeup in the summer heat. On the other hand, it’s also important to dress accordingly so you and your bridal party don’t freeze. Brides can opt for warmer long-sleeved wedding gowns or add a stylish cover-up to any dream dress they have in mind. Whether it be a cozy fur shawl or a soft pashmina scarf, there are many fashionable ways to stay warm and accessorize your dress at the same time. This concept can also be applied to your bridesmaids outfits as well.

Embrace the Holidays

As the winter season is full of holidays, often churches and venues will already be decorated with greenery, lights,  ribbons and Christmas trees to celebrate the season’s festivities. If you choose to, you can embrace the holiday spirit and combine them with your wedding by having them on the same day. NYE weddings are especially exciting for both the couple and their guests. Everyone is looking for something special to do on NYE, so what better way to celebrate than a wedding with friends and family? You can wrap up the romantic night by sending off the newly wed couple into the new year with sparklers and fireworks. 

Venues & Catering 

When planning a wedding for the spring or summer, it can be very difficult to book venues and secure catering services for your specific date as there is often a high demand during those seasons. However, since winter weddings are less popular, more venues and catering services are usually available for a lower cost, making it much easier for you to stay within your budget and still have the wedding of your dreams. Being in the winter, you have the opportunity to make your menu unique. Add to the cozy ambience with holiday themed cocktails such as Christmas cosmos, cinnamon apple cider mimosas, spiked eggnog, or mistletoe martinis — the possibilities are endless. For the kids, a hot chocolate bar with marshmallows, candy canes, and whipped cream would also be a fun and tasty way to make your wedding memorable. 

Accommodations For The Cold

It’s important to make sure your guests stay warm and comfortable. If your reception happens to be outdoors, tents with heaters are a good way to make sure your guests don’t get too cold. Passing out hand warmers are another cute and inexpensive way to help your guests stay warm throughout an outdoor ceremony or reception. Whether it be indoors or outdoors, you can create a more cozy and romantic setting by making sure your venue is well lit and decorated with many candles and string lights. 

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