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Wedding waste from paper goods, excess food, and other miscellaneous materials accumulate to have significant environmental ramifications. With the abundance of quick switches and eco-friendly options for any element of your wedding, it has never been easier to make your wedding better for the environment. There are plentiful ways to plan a more sustainable wedding, and keep reading for a list of ten easy ways to be more environmentally conscious on your big day!


  1. Keep it Local

One of the best ways to achieve a more eco-friendly wedding is to have a local wedding and source vendors from the area! While destination weddings or remote getaway settings can be compelling, take a look at the guestlist and settle on a location that is fairly central for all parties. This thus requires fewer airplane tickets or long car rides. Not only does this lower personal costs of travel expenditures, but also reduce emissions from transportation. Also, you will be able to showcase your city’s best venues, photographers, caterers, distilleries, florists, and more. On that note, be sure to ask prospective vendors about their sustainability efforts to best align with your dream wedding. 


  1. Rent When Possible 

From all things from table decor to linens, more and more wedding venues are offering rental sets to cut down on single-use items. Renting dishware and table runners create a more elegant and cohesive look as compared to plastic stemware. Plus, they will not end up in a landfill after your wedding. 


  1. Be Thoughtful About the Guestlist 

Although it may be tempting to invite everyone you know to your big day, the larger the wedding, the more waste generated as a result. It may be daunting narrowing down friends and family members, but consider staggering invites or limiting plus ones to help pare down the list. 


  1. Ditch the Paper

Continuing the topic of the guest list, send electronic invitations instead of paper ones to minimize the paper waste from printing, mailing, and the stationery itself. If you are set on having paper invitations, look into using recycled materials. Additionally, maximize the space on your paper by also including seating arrangements, schedules, and other details. 


  1. Prepare Edible Favors

These tokens of gratitude of hospitality are often wrapped in single-use plastics which can easily be swapped for a reusable tote or canvas bag. Instead of filling these with arbitrary items such as picture frames or decorative pieces, explore the idea of mixing them up with sweet and savory treats. Everyone loves snacks and baked goods – and you can certainly find a plethora of delicious nibbles at a local farmer’s market or bakery that guests are sure to appreciate. 


  1. Donate and Give Back to Communities  

Instead of giving out favors, more and more couples are shifting towards donating to a charity of their choice. Make a note of this on the invitations and encourage guests to share a little love with an organization that resonates with you and your partner. 


  1. Consider Alternatives to Confetti 

This classic addition may look great in photos, but add the same vibrance to your exit toss by considering plant-based accents such as flower petals, lavender bulbs, or even seeds. These biodegradable and beautiful alternatives are much more nourishing for the environment compared to their synthetic counterparts and still retain that celebratory flair. 


  1. Get Creative with Centerpieces 

Potted plants, topiaries, succulents, herbs – all lovely and lush elements that would be perfect as table centerpieces. This greenery will certainly give your wedding a fresh glow and you could even have guests take these home and continue to grow them at home.


  1. Compost or Donate Extra Food and Flowers 

Both food and flowers make up a generous amount of waste, so talk to your caterer about composting or donating leftover food to food banks or shelters. Extra flowers can be donated to various organizations which coordinate with hospitals and care facilities, so why not brighten someone’s day with a bouquet! 


  1. Plan an Eco-friendly Honeymoon 

Sustainability does not end after your wedding weekend, so plan for a more environmentally conscious honeymoon, too! With the growing number of boutique getaways designed for honeymooners and adventure seekers alike, couples do not need to sacrifice comfort or luxury whilst booking a more environmentally friendly honeymoon. From eco-retreats to tree hotels, explore the outdoors and take in all the beauty that mother nature has to offer. 


Incorporating just the smallest of changes can have such a positive impact, and we hope these tips have inspired you to plan the green wedding of your dreams!


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