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Everyone has some type of guest book for their friends and families to sign upon arrival, but do you ever wonder what the bride and groom do with it after? Realistically, it most likely ends up sitting in a closet forgotten about. Instead of having your guest sign their names in a traditional guest book, why not consider some alternatives to make it more fun for your guests and more meaningful to the bride and groom? Here are some of my favorite guest book alternatives!

Polaroid Pictures

Who doesn’t love a classic polaroid picture? This is a fun way to liven up your guest book and literally capture the moment! Set out some polaroid cameras for your guests to snap a selfie or picture all dressed up for your wedding, and have them tape it into your guest book alongside a thoughtful note. Imagine getting to look back on the smiling faces of your friends and family and reminisce on the sweetest memories. 


This one is probably my personal all time favorite guest book alternative. With this idea you get to pick out a cute old-fashioned or retro phone of your liking, and then set a pre-recorded greeting to welcome your guests. After hearing the greeting, guests get to leave the bride and groom a voicemail. How amazing would it be to hear the little voice of a younger cousin or have the chance to save a personal voice message from your grandparents? Their voices make the message all the more genuine. Some ways you can do this are through or 

Marriage Advice

It’s no secret, newly weds can use all the advice they can get, and who better to give it than friends and family! Guests can write either anonymous or signed notes of advice and stories to share with the bride and groom. Some may be cheeky and funny and others may tell you exactly what you didn’t even know you needed to hear. 

Date Ideas

This is a creative way to spice up your guest book! With this idea, your friends and family will get to share all of their favorite date ideas and make sure the romance never dies. Everytime you need a new date idea you’ll have one ready attached with the reminder of your perfect wedding day. 

Signed Wine Bottles

Set out a couple of bottles of wine, each with the number of a big anniversary.  Then have your guests sign all of the bottles so that you’ll have the chance to remember all of the friends and family who got to be a part of your wedding day. This will make your anniversaries even more special with the lingering memories of your wedding.


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