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I love a classic, old-school wedding, but who says you can’t make new traditions of your own? Don’t get me wrong, some traditions are absolutely timeless and beautiful, but not all brides are the same and each have their own versions of what the “perfect” wedding looks like. So when planning your wedding, don’t feel obligated to incorporate old traditions just for the sake of upholding them, instead put your own twist on them or try out new ideas all together. Here’s a list of new wedding trends and ways couples have decided to shake up the traditional bridal party!

“Flower Dudes” and “Flower Grannies” 

I have to say, it’s pretty heartwarming to see a little flower girl all dressed up, grinning ear-to-ear as she walks down the aisle. It’s classic and adorable, but not everyone knows an eager 10 year old for the job and some couples are just simply not fans of the tradition. Recently, some couples have taken the stereotypical flower girl role in a whole different direction and personally, I am all for it! In place of the flower girl, couples have had the “flower man,” also known as the “flower dude.” The flower man usually sports a pair of shades and a fanny pack full of flower petals to disperse as he dances down the aisle to an upbeat song. This makes for a hilariously entertaining moment that neither you nor your guests will forget! 

Another twist on the flower girl tradition are “flower grannies”! In place of a flower girl, the bride and groom’s grandmothers take on the role together, usually accompanied by a classic throwback song. Some couples will even ask all four of their grandmothers to participate. This is a super cute and fun way to incorporate more family into your wedding!

Ring Bearer Pups

Just as the flower girl doesn’t have to be an actual little girl, the ring bearer doesn’t have to be the responsibility of a little boy either. Although I am a sucker for miniature tuxes, I’d argue that a well-behaved pup could be just as sweet! Emphasis on “well-behaved” as they are indeed responsible for making sure your wedding rings make it down the aisle, but if you have a well-trained dog ready for the task then why not? If you’re a dog owner, then this is a great way to make sure your four legged bestie is included on your special day. 

“Bro-maids” and “Grooms Women”

Not every bride has a big group of girl friends to make up her bridesmaids, so some brides have been adapting their bridal party to have “bro-maids” stand by their side instead. Grooms have also done the same by adding “grooms women” to their bachelor parties. There should be no reason for you to not have your closest friends in your bridal party, especially not an aged tradition that doesn’t line up with what you really want for your wedding day. 

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