Photo by Wedding Photographer Blane Marable

The time between the wedding ceremony and the reception is typically dedicated to capturing photos of the couple with their wedding party and family. During this time, guests can start to get antsy, especially if there is a lack of food or entertainment. This predicament can steal focus away from the newlyweds and place stress on the photographer to rush through photos. Here are four methods that are certain to keep guests preoccupied during post-ceremony photos and mindful of the purpose of the day: to celebrate the union of their loved ones! 

Provide a Creative Outlet

For a bride or groom with an enthusiasm for the arts, these activities can be customized to encompass the creativity of the couple: 

  • Polaroid Guestbook & Disposable Cameras
    • Vintage photography has been gaining more and more popularity for its nostalgic aesthetic. Instant and disposable cameras are a great way to give guests something to do while making them a part of the wedding documentation experience.

Disposable Photo by Max Cole
  • Enlarged Paint by Numbers
    • Display an enlarged paint by number of a sentimental photo or visually pleasing image for guests to fill in while they wait. Not only will your guests be entertained, but you will have meaningful artwork to take home and reminisce on your wedding day for years to come. Inspired by tiktok user Colleen O’Connor.
  • Live Art Mini Portraits
    • Hiring a live artist to paint mini portraits of your guests serves as an activity to pass the time as well as a personalized wedding favor that friends and family will cherish long after the day has passed. 
Photo by Christina Best Photography. Mini Portrait by Chasing Linen.

Unique Entertainment

Guest entertainment can say a lot about the nature of the couple’s relationship. Wedding bands will always be a classic option, but there are unconventional alternatives that are sure to leave an impression on those invited: 

  • Silent Disco
    • Silent disco allows guests to have an individualized music experience in a group setting. The bright headphones and personalized song selections ignite amusement throughout the room before the wedding party joins in. 
Photo by Meg Smith Photography
  • Animal Petting
    • Whether you’re a lover of dogs or a lover of barn animals, animal petting creates a memorable experience for guests to capture photos of and gaze upon with adoration while they wait for the wedding couple to arrive at the reception.
Photo by Wedding Photographer Blane Marable
  • Elegant Bouncy Castle
    • Move out of the way kids—bouncy castles are back and this time the adults are taking over. Bouncy castles are perfect for a playful couple to entertain guests with whimsy, and they make for amazing photo opportunities!
Photo by Avangard Photography


Even if dinner is being served once the couple returns from photos, it is always a good idea to provide hor d’oeuvres and beverages to hold guests over. If you’re looking to create a memorable experience with refreshments, here are several appetizing suggestions:

  • Grazing Tables
    • Grazing stations consist of an array of finger foods available for guests to revisit throughout the waiting period. You can garnish the arrangement with greenery to add a touch of charm.
Photo by Audiss Photo Co
  • Snack Bar
    • There are endless food bar possibilities that are known to satisfy guests and give the couple an opportunity to showcase their personality in their food choices. Taco bars, popcorn bars, potato bars, cereal bars, s’mores bars; savory or sweet, guests are going to enjoy building their own snack plate with flare.
Photo by One Love Photography
  • Signature Cocktails
    • Guests are sure to admire custom cocktails for both their taste and personal touch. Giving guests the option between a bride or groom cocktail provides fun variety without overwhelming people with choices.
Photo by Heirloom Foto

Interactive Games

Games bring out the fun-loving spirit in people and allow guests to engage with one another in friendly competition. These games are excellent for entertaining wedding guests:

  • Photo Scavenger Hunt
    • In the age of iPhones, photo scavenger hunts are easy to pull off and fun for both young and seasoned guests to participate in. 
Photo and Digital Download by PrintGoGo
  • Lawn Games
    • Mini golf, cornhole, croquet, giant jenga, beer pong (or prosecco pong), darts — there are endless options for customizable lawn games that are sure to entertain guests of all ages. 
Photo by
  • Wedding Couple Trivia
    • Delegate a close friend or wedding coordinator to facilitate trivia based on the newlyweds. Questions can include aspects of the partners’ relationship such as “Who said I love you first?” or “When did the couple start dating?”, or even details about the ceremony such as “What song did the bride walk down the aisle to?” or “What color is the groom’s tie?”. The winning guest earns a prize!

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