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The popularity of barn weddings has skyrocketed in recent years due to their cozy yet chic nature. These rustic weddings have beautiful backdrops of rolling farmlands and romantic decor that adds an enchanting ambiance to your special day. Below, we’ll walk you through everything from choosing your venue to picking out favors with the perfect amount of southern charm. 


The Stables 

One of the most affordable and highly-rated barn locations in Athens is The Farm at High Shoals. This estate includes a villa, a mansion and a charming 15,000 square foot barn with European-inspired architecture. 

The barn, more formally known as The Stables, is the primary event space. It can accommodate up to 300 guests with optional lawn tenting available. Surrounding the barn is 400 acres of well-maintained horse pastures with a fire pit, rustic furniture and a private lake. This venue is a great option for couples looking for a high-end wedding with a country edge.


Photo by The Farm at High Shoals

Cloverleaf Farm

Built in 1859, Cloverleaf Farm has 27 acres of beautifully landscaped pastures featuring a pecan grove, a vineyard and a courtyard garden. The property has multiple ceremony and reception spaces for a bride who likes options, including an open-air barn that creates the optimal indoor-outdoor flow. 

Also situated on the property is a farmhouse with eclectic furnishings and an upstairs which serves as quarters for the bridal party. With Cloverleaf motifs present throughout the farm, this location is sure to bring luck to any couple who weds there!


Photo by Cloverleaf Farm

Choosing a Date

Most barn weddings in Georgia are typically held in autumn when the weather is cool. The vivid colors of fall foliage also provide the perfect backdrop for wedding photos. 

While summer and winter weddings are beautiful, open-air barns or barns without temperature regulation might not be comfortable during those seasons. Use of outdoor spaces also might be affected due to weather conditions, especially during the summer when insect activity is high. If you choose a summer date, consider providing guests with bug spray and fans in a cute bin like the one below!


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Many couples choose to have a barn wedding because of their connection with nature, so the decor typically mirrors the location’s picturesque landscape through rustic touches. 

To create a timeless look, stick with a neutral color palette consisting of soft whites, earthy tones and wood accents. Highlight the soft ambience of the room with hanging fairy lights, personalized wooden signs and flowing drapes.


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Centerpieces can be composed of glowing candles, twine-wrapped mason jars filled with flowers and some greenery to add a pop of color. There are tons of opportunities for DIY projects at barn weddings, so don’t be afraid to tap into your artistic talent AND save some money at the same time. 


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Yard games like cornhole, ring toss or croquet are a great way to take advantage of outdoor spaces and add an element of friendly competition. 

Homemade photo booths provide endless fun for selfie-obsessed friends, and a basket filled with props can add an old-fashioned charm to the pictures.


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For a more meaningful activity, gather the crowd to release lanterns into the sky at the end of the evening. Lanterns can be a beautiful way of honoring loved ones and celebrating new beginnings!

Like Cloverleaf Farm, many properties have fire pits and barn animals for added entertainment, so make sure to take advantage of those offers if they’re available.


Southern-style home cooking is a delicious and comforting complement to a cozy barn atmosphere. Menu options can include staples like roast chicken, mashed potatoes, greens, mac and cheese or rolls. Most importantly, you can’t forget a big glass of sweet tea to finish off the meal!


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Couples can also take advantage of the outdoors by having a good old-fashioned BBQ. You can’t go wrong with hamburgers (or black bean burgers for vegetarian guests), hot dogs, baked beans, ribs and grilled veggies. The added benefit of both of these menus is that they work great in buffet style, as well.


Rustic wood slices engraved with the wedding date and details are a classic gift that everyone will love. Adding a string can turn these gifts into ornaments, or attaching a magnet will allow guests to stick them to the fridge.


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Custom mason jars are both a cute and functional favor, and mini succulents will make guests feel like they’re taking a piece of nature home with them. 

You can also create burlap goody bags filled with bottle openers (we’re slightly obsessed with the antler one below), tea light candles, mini pies or honey pots.


Photo by Forever Wedding Favors


If you’re looking for a dress to suit a barn wedding venue, consider going for something with a vintage or bohemian flare. Brides usually opt for long, lace gowns as opposed to glitz and glam for their big day. Since trains are popular among southern brides, consider bustling your dress so you can freely dance and enjoy outdoor activities without getting dirty. Changing into flats can also provide added comfort on grass and barn flooring.

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