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You put your heart and soul into planning every detail of your wedding, and before you know it, your special day is over. While memories can fade over time, keepsakes last a lifetime! Preserving sentimental items will allow you to relive your wedding day and reflect on your commitment to your partner whenever you see them. 

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With all of the time (and money) you spend picking the perfect flower arrangements, you deserve to enjoy them for more than one day! There are several ways to preserve flowers, but two of the most popular options are pressing them and using epoxy resin. 


Both of these methods can be done at home, but if you’re not the crafty type, there are tons of skilled artists who would be happy to preserve your flowers for you! Remember: you can’t re-press or re-resin your flowers once they’re done, so you want to make sure they’re in good hands. 




Pressing flowers is one of the easiest ways of preserving arrangements for DIY brides. Simply select your flowers and arrange them on a clean piece of wax paper. Once you’re happy with the placement, put another sheet of wax paper on top and place it between the pages of a heavy book. Put an object on top for added weight, and leave them to dry for a week before displaying them in your home.


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Epoxy Resin


As opposed to pressing flowers, preserving them in epoxy resin will keep the arrangement true to its original shape. It’s common for couples to turn their blooms into paperweights, decorative trays and ring holders, but there are tons of other mold options to explore at your local craft store. 


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Once you’ve picked up the proper materials, fill your mold of choice halfway with the epoxy resin and arrange the flowers inside using tweezers. Then, fill the rest of the mold and watch it cure into a stunning evergreen creation!


You can also use resin to create beautiful jewelry pieces such as rings and necklaces, ensuring your wedding memories are kept close wherever you go! 





Unfortunately, wedding dresses usually wind up in the back of the closet where delicate fabric can yellow or deteriorate over time. If you’ve ever dreamed of passing your dress down to the next generation, professionally preserving it is the best long-term storage solution!


Following your wedding, take your dress to the cleaners, even if you don’t see any dirt. Stains can oxidize over time, so it’s best to get it cleaned as soon as possible. Then, bring the gown (and possibly your wedding shoes) to a professional preserver who will arrange it in an acid-free viewing box.


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While preserving your dress is the most traditional option, many brides transform their dresses into something they can interact with on a daily basis. 


An adorable option is repurposing fabric and beadwork from your dress into a teddy bear that future children enjoy. Just mail the material to an Etsy seller like the one below, and receive a beautiful “Memory Bear” back! Other unique repurposing options include using lace or buttons from your dress to make jewelry, a quilt or framed wall art. 

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Many couples freeze the top of their wedding cake and eat it on their first anniversary to symbolize good luck and prosperity. It’s also a romantic and delicious way of relieving your wedding day together!


At your reception, make sure only the bottom layers of the cake are cut, and have someone at the venue put the top in the freezer as soon as possible. When you take the cake home, cover it in freezer-safe plastic wrap for an airtight seal, store it in the back of the freezer and enjoy when the time comes!


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Wine Bottles 


If you’re looking for a delicious drink to pair with your first-anniversary cake, some couples choose to place a bottle of wine in a “wine box” during their ceremony to enjoy at a later date. You and your partner can also include personal letters in the box to remind each other of how you felt on your special day.


Most wine lasts at least up to a year, but make sure to store it in a cool environment to ensure it tastes just like it did on your wedding day!


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Wedding vows are the foundation of your marriage, and displaying them in your home will serve as a constant reminder of you and your partner’s promises to each other. You can either frame your original handwritten vows, or commission a calligrapher to rewrite them for a more polished look. 


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Wedding Stationery 


Like your wedding dress, save the date cards and invitations will probably be put in storage where they can get damaged or lost. Framing your stationary means you can include it in a gallery of wall art, or put it on your nightstand for decoration. You can also put your paper goods right into your wedding photo album for safe-keeping and easy access.


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Reception Decor


While you may sell or donate most of the decorations after your wedding, there might be a few nostalgic items you want to keep. Instead of storing them away, incorporate these momentos into your home! If you choose your venue decorations with long-term use in mind, the decor will blend in seamlessly with your existing interior design. 

Candles and decorative jars look great on mantles, personalized signs or seating charts can double as wall art and glowing lanterns add warmth to your porch. Comfy throws, linens and pillows will be great decorations, but more importantly, they’ll serve as constant reminders of your big day. 



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