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Your wedding went off without a hitch, and now it’s time to send your guests home with a token of your love and appreciation. Wedding favors should reflect the theme of your special day and your personality, but finding a gift that suits your diverse list of attendees can be a difficult task. Below, we’ve listed some unique favors that all your guests will love!


1. Custom Mason Jars


Mason jars are a great rustic gift that guests can use for multiple purposes. Attendees can get creative by turning their jars into storage, a drinking glass or home decor. To make these jars special, you can have them engraved with you and your partners’ names and wedding date. Crafty couples can make DIY mason jars by using chalkboard stickers and liquid chalk pens. 



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2. Breakfast For the Next Morning 


If your wedding is during the evening, your guests will wake up tired and potentially have a day of travel ahead of them. Giving attendees a personalized breakfast bag filled with bagels, butter packets and orange juice bottles at the end of the night will guarantee that the joy of your wedding carries over into the next day. You can also include pastries and fresh fruit depending on your budget!


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3. Candles


Who doesn’t appreciate the soft aroma and romantic atmosphere candles create? Candles are guaranteed to be used by any and all of your guests, and with the wide selection of sizes, colors and scents out there, you’re sure to find a candle that suits your tastes. 


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4. Custom Mugs


Whether they’re drinking coffee in the morning or a warm cup of tea in the evening, your guests will be reminded of your wedding whenever they enjoy a hot drink. Not only is this a practical and long-lasting gift, but it’s also perfect for guests of all ages. 


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5. Plants 


Gifting your guests seeds and a decorative pot will symbolize how your love will grow and mature over time. However, it’s important to choose plants that even guests without green thumbs can sustain. Mini succulents are hardy plants and the perfect size for wedding favors! You can buy these plants fully grown and in a variety of colors to match your color scheme. Baby trees are also a long-lasting and beautiful gift, although you might want to see if your attendees have the room for them before purchasing. 


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6. Socks 


Everyone comes dressed to the nines for your wedding celebration, but it can be hard to tear up the dance floor in 6-inch heels or stuffy loafers. Handing out custom socks or slippers gives your guests the freedom to dance their socks off (literally), while also providing them with a practical gift to take home with them. 


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7.  Crystals


Crystals aren’t a traditional wedding favor, but that’s part of why they’re so special! Crystals are beautiful and unique (just like each of your guests), but they also hold a deeper significance that can be even more personal. Each gem has a different meaning and healing power that it produces. The newlyweds can choose to give attendees their dedicated birthstones, or a stone with a meaning important to them. We’re in love with this rose quartz favor by Bridea on Etsy!


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8. Artisan soap


Artisan soap is as beautiful to look at as it is delightful to smell. Artisan soap can be used as a decorative piece in your attendees’ guest bathrooms, or as a luxurious addition to their daily shower routine. 


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9. Hot Drink Mix


Hot cocoa mix, ground coffee bags or loose leaf teas are great favors, especially if you have a winter wedding. Your attendees can have a soothing drink in their hotel rooms to close out the evening, or a hot beverage to savor at home. 


10. Personalized Sweets


There’s no better way to thank your guests than with some extra dessert! M&M offers DIY favor boxes that include a 2-pound bag of personalized M&M candies and 20 mini bottles. This means you can make the M&Ms coordinate with your wedding colors, and include any text, image or design on them.


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Personalized sugar cookies are also a delicious way to step-up your dessert game. Just like the M&Ms, you can get creative with your designs and send your guests home with both a sweet treat AND work of art. 


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11. Tea towels & Throw Blankets


You can’t get more practical than sending your guests home with a piece of stylish home decor! Tea towels and throw blankets are both chic and useful. You can opt for a minimalist design, like the one below, that will suit any home. 


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12. Key chains 


Want a gift that your friends and family can take anywhere with them? Keychains are a cost effective and highly customizable wedding favor that everyone can use. A great 2-in-one gift is a bottle opener keychain that’s both a handy tool AND cute accessory.


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13. Kissing bells


Kissing bells are a tradition that brings joy and good luck to the newlyweds. Whenever a bell is rung, the happy couple must share a kiss! Guests may receive the bells before the ceremony to ring while the bride and groom are leaving, or during the reception for added fun. 


At home, the bells will look adorable on a dresser or even hanging from a Christmas tree during the holidays. Bells also come in many forms and finishes (big, small, rustic or hand painted), so you can find one that resembles your wedding decor, perfectly!


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14.  Pressed Flower Art 


There’s nothing more special than sending your guests home with a piece of your wedding. Pressed flower art is a stunning favor on its own, but if you use the same type of flowers that you decorated your reception hall with, the gift is even more meaningful.


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15. Cultural gifts 


Choosing wedding favors that reflect your heritage is a beautiful way of sharing your culture with your guests. Items like Japanese fans, Polynesian leis and Russian nesting dolls all have cultural significance that you can share with attendees. You can also give out little mementos to celebrate your nationality like mini Eiffel Towers or Swiss bells!


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