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Every couple wants to create memories that last a lifetime on their special day, and great entertainment ensures your wedding is talked about for years to come! 


Receptions are long, and there may be some downtime when the wedding party is taking photos or before dinner is served. There are tons of unique entertainment ideas to fill these spaces and keep guests engaged. 


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While most wedding receptions are spent free dancing to DJs or live bands, there are lots of other ways to spice up the dance floor. Choreographed dances (also known as flash mobs) will create a spontaneous energy in the room and put a smile on every attendee’s face. 


Interactive dances like the cha cha slide and YMCA will bring you back to the good old days and get everyone up and out of their chairs. Limbo is also a great way to bring fun competition to the dance floor. 


Cultural Performances


Incorporating family heritage into your reception is a great way of personalizing your wedding and honoring your culture. Hiring a Mariachi band to play traditional music or having Polynesian dancers perform the Hula will dazzle your guests and share an important piece of yourself with everyone in attendance.


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Lawn Games


Lawn games like giant Jenga, corn hole and ring toss are great activities for people who need a break from the dance floor. You can also set up stations for croquet, bocce ball or golf depending on how much outdoor space you have available. 


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The Shoe Game 


The shoe game is a fun and easy wedding reception game that tests the newlywed’s knowledge of each other. The couple removes both of their shoes and swaps one with their partner. This leaves the bride and groom holding one of their own shoes and one of their spouse’s shoes respectively. 


Two chairs are placed in the center of the dance floor, and the couple sits back to back so they can’t see each other’s answers. A host reads questions like “who said ‘I love you’ first,” and the couple holds up either their shoe or their partner’s shoe to answer. 


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Table Games 


Table games are a great way to help attendees break the ice with people they haven’t met before. You can hand out “true or false” sheets to each table and have them collectively answer the questions. At the end of dinner, read off the correct answers, and the table with the highest score can win a prize! 


Another fun idea is creating personalized mad libs for your guests to fill out. This will get everyone’s creative juices flowing and provide a night full of laughs for the happy couple. Below is an example of a template on Etsy that can be customized to fit you and your partner’s love story!


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Many couples hire a bartender for their wedding, but a mixologist takes your cocktail experience to a whole new level! A mixologist is an elevated bartender who studies mixed drinks and crafts innovative cocktails. A mixologist will impress all of the drink connoisseurs at your wedding while ensuring everyone has a mixed drink unique to their own tastes. 


Mixologists can also create an original cocktail recipe to use as your signature wedding drink that you can enjoy for years to come. 


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Circus Performers


Circus performers are an extravagant way to amaze guests and leave a lasting impression. Acrobats, aerial dancers and stilt walkers will thrill attendees and create a high-energy party atmosphere at your reception.


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Not only are magicians mystifying, but they also give your guests something to talk about for the rest of the night. The captivating act the magician performs is guaranteed to leave everyone cheering and laughing, providing the perfect opportunity to take photos. 


Kids Activities 


Kids can be even harder to entertain than adults, so having child-friendly activities available will keep them thoroughly engaged. Creating a coloring mat with crosswords, tic-tac-toe and word scrambles are sure to keep little ones busy throughout the night. 


Bounce houses are a hit at every event, so why not include one in your wedding? This blow-up activity is perfect for outdoor weddings, and will provide endless fun for kids (and maybe even some adults)!


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A rising trend is having a live painter capture your wedding day right as it’s happening! Not only is this a magical keepsake for the newlyweds, but guests will love to gather around and watch as the scene comes to life. 


Hiring a professional caricaturist will not only generate lots of laughs, but it will also give your friends and family a one-of-a-kind gift to take home with them. 


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Food and Drink Bars 


Since your guests will be dancing up a storm, it’s a great idea to incorporate mini food and drink stations into your reception hall for refueling. 


You can opt for a dessert bar with sweet macaroons, a savory bar with charcuterie or even a hot chocolate bar to warm your attendees up (perfect for a winter wedding)! These stations will also create a gathering place away from the dance floor where guests can converse and enjoy their treats.


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Disposable Cameras & Photo Booths


Your wedding photographer tries to capture as many memories as possible throughout your wedding day, but smaller moments might go unseen. By supplying disposable cameras at your wedding, you’re giving guests the opportunity to capture these moments for you. Not only will you and your friends and family get to enjoy these photos for a lifetime, but using these cameras will be a fun activity to occupy everyone during quieter moments.


Photo booths are another wonderful way for guests to capture moments from their own perspectives. Everyone will love posing for silly photos with friends and family, especially if you include a bucket of cute props to use. Photo strips will also be a nice token to take home after the wedding!


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Fireworks & Lanterns 


If you’re looking to end your wedding with a bang-literally- lighting up the night sky with fireworks or lanterns is the way to go. Having a firework show will leave guests in awe, and releasing lanterns is a beautiful way to honor loved ones or make well wishes. Both of these activities are sure to leave a romantic atmosphere in the air that guests will take home with them. 


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