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They say getting married is the start of a new adventure, but some couples take that more literally than others! Destination weddings are weddings that take place in a location outside of where the happy couple currently lives. This means guests must travel to another city or even country to attend the wedding. 


Destination weddings are perfect for wanderlust fiancés or couples who have strong ties to other regions of the world. However, destination weddings aren’t all hula dancers and beautiful backdrops; they have their fair share of complications that might make it difficult to say “I do.” 




1. Dream Wedding Location 


It may be difficult to find your ideal ceremony location within the confines of your hometown, but destination weddings allow you to fulfill all of your wedding dreams! 


Many couples have places that are meaningful to them, such as the place where they previously lived or vacationed. People who also have a strong connection to their heritage may want to wed in their family’s home country. 


Celebrating your wedding at one of these special locations will add to the romantic atmosphere of your big day and create new memories that will forever connect you to that location. 


2. Stunning Photos


Whether you get married on a Hawaiian beach or at an Italian vineyard, destination weddings give your photos unparalleled backdrops. Just like the memories you create on your special day, newlywed photos last a lifetime. Destination weddings provide you with scenery that will highlight the beauty that you and your spouse already exude. 


3. Intimate Wedding Celebration


For any celebration, there are invitations sent to co-workers and distant family friends for courtesy sake. Since destination weddings require guests to pay for their own travel and lodging expenses, the celebration usually consists of only family and friends. This means you can spend more time creating memories with your closest loved ones and enjoying your special day. 


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4. May Cost You Less


Having fewer guests means that you won’t have to pay for a large venue, or buy as much food and decor. Since ceremonies are usually held at fantastical locations or in front of gorgeous views, you don’t need as elaborate of decorations. 


Another way you can save money is by booking an all-inclusive resort for both your wedding and honeymoon. You can also cut costs by using travel points and miles to pay for flights and booking your event during the off-peak season. 


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5. Plan Honeymoon on the Same Trip


Having a destination wedding means you can wake up and already be on your honeymoon! This makes the planning process easier since you only have to make hotel and travel arrangements once instead of twice. Since there are no flights to catch or plans to make after your big day, you can focus more on making memories with your new spouse! 




1. Limited Guest List 


While destination weddings cut out extra guests, the travel costs may deter important friends and family members from attending. Guests are usually responsible for taking care of their airfare and lodging expenses, and those fees along with gift costs may make it difficult for some attendees to come. 


If you have a favorite photographer or chef from your hometown, they most likely won’t be able to go unless you pay for all of their accommodations.


2. Hard to Plan


Language barriers and currency exchange rates in foreign countries can make it difficult to plan a destination wedding. There also may be different marriage license requirements and other regulations to take into consideration.


Many couples also don’t get the chance to travel to their wedding location during the planning process, so they’re unable to tour the location and hotels or meet vendors before their wedding day. 


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3. More Risk 


When you aren’t present to plan your wedding in person, there’s always a risk of scams that can affect the outcome of your wedding. It’s also hard to predict weather conditions like hurricanes and earthquakes, and travel restrictions, possibly due to COVID-19. 


There’s also a higher chance of mishaps like missed or delayed flights, forgotten baggage or overbooked reservations that leave guests without a place to stay. Travel and wedding insurance can help cover costs in the case of these events along with other unexpected reasons. 


4. Honeymoon May Get Interrupted By Guests 


Since guests are traveling a long way to attend your wedding, chances are they’re going to stick around for a few days to have a vacation of their own! If these guests continue to stay in the same hotel as you and visit the same attractions, you may not get the alone time you and your spouse want. 


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