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I think the world can agree that the pandemic forced our hand in taking a closer look at us – our habits, our priorities, and even ourselves. Lockdown slowed society as we knew it to a screeching halt, ultimately requiring everyone to rebrand not only their day-to-day, but big life events, too. After the noisy few years we’ve endured, people are ready to let out a sigh of relief. And that includes during wedding planning.

At a time when simplification couldn’t be more refreshing, the idea of “minimalism” has taken the wedding scene by storm. Forget the traditional tulle, taffeta, and elaborate tablescapes; we are ditching outdated concepts in 2022. Minimalism is intentional. It is clearing the clutter and choosing to include only what is “important” what brings joy to the bride and groom. Sometimes joy comes in the form of sleek, all-black metal cutlery.

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Minimalist weddings are cool because they don’t really have rules. The theme is extremely versatile; it is not dependent on a type of venue, season, or specific location. We see trends forming within the category, but there are no “make-or-break” elements, per se. One approach the trending style is to literally eliminate décor entirely. The only thing that defines a minimalist wedding is you; it truly is up to each couple to make it your own (& that is so fun.)


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The minimalist style itself is loosely outlined by modernity and simplicity, while also tying in certain vintage aspects. For example, instead of traditional pictures, we see black and white film and editorial-style photography. Individuals are more interested in unposed and candid shots that genuinely capture the moment. A fun idea would be handing out disposable cameras to guests – not only to get them actively involved in the event, but to collect one-of-a-kind keepsakes. Pics or it didn’t happen.


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There is a push for black and white as a color palette in general; the subdued tones give off a sophisticated feel to guests. For those who like a splash of color, we see monochrome everything – from florals to flatware. Keeping the hues within the same color creates a uniform look to the theme. Focusing on bold typography against plain backgrounds for all stationary (i.e., name cards, invitations, menus) will thread it all together.

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Rainbow-colored flowers are out, but baby’s breath is a sweet, soft flower frequently included in centerpieces and other décor due to its delicate display. Couples that want to include florals without all the variety should choose this bud. Within the contemporary style, there is an emphasis on greenery overflowing from décor: bright green leaves, vines, and lush foliage. It complements the simple color palette ridiculously well and will leave you feeling like Mother Earth herself blessed your wedding. Along with earthy elements, candlelight in glass votives will add dimension and diversity to the look.


All in all, minimalism is however you do you, at your best, at your simplest, at your most loved. It is about choosing what really matters and clinging to it, gently and with transparent acrylic chairs. This is supposed to be fun, so don’t get bogged down in all the expectations. In this case: less is more!


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