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Every couple wants a unique wedding day that they can look back on for the rest of their lives, so why not incorporate your own style into it? DIY projects are a great way to add a special handmade touch to your wedding that gives you and your guests something to remember. These are six of my favorite, easy to make wedding projects that I think everyone should try!

  1. Floral Glass Table Numbers

If you are thinking of a unique way of displaying seat placements rather than the classic note card, this is the perfect project. All you need are small glass frames, dried flowers or greenery, a hot glue gun, tweezers, and felt-tip markers. It is a great flower display for the table along with acting as a seat number. 

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  1. Birch Bark Wedding Vases

These DIY birch bark vases are a perfect centerpiece that adds an appealing rustic look to the table. Supplies needed for this project include birch bark, twine, tin cans, and a glue gun. If you want to personalize them even more you can use a wood burning pen to carve you and your significant other’s initials into the bark! The best part about this project is that you don’t have to use them specifically as flower vases – you can fill them with anything you want from candle wax to food. 

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  1. Floral Photobooth Backdrop 

If you are looking for a great photo opportunity to have at your wedding, then you should consider creating this beautiful floral backdrop. You can make this as creative and personalized as you want with any design and choice of flowers. The more particular, the more time it will take for this project, but this is personally one of my favorite ideas to create some of the best pictures you’ll get to keep forever.

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  1. Visual Guestbook

Do you want something more memorable than the traditional guest book? Set out a couple polaroid cameras and allow guests to snap a photo! You can ask them to tape their photo inside a keepsake book of your choosing along with a personal message. Get as creative as you want with this book! 

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  1. Repurposed Wine Bottles

If you’re looking to put old wine bottles to good use, you should try this DIY project for your special day. This is another creative way to display table numbers while also getting to use them for another purpose. After painting on them, you can fill these bottles with flowers, or use them as water carafes for the table. 


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  1. Tree hangers

This is a very unique idea that I absolutely love for wedding days. This idea makes an evening outdoor setting 100 times more magical. Use string or twine to hang lights, lanterns, and paper messages off tree branches. You can write whatever pleases you- the most popular ideas being love notes, memories, or couple photos.

Photo by photographer M. K. Sadler 


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